Hooray, Tomb Raider's PC Version Is Now Way Less Crashtastic

Tomb Raider's PC version is generally strong, offering a better-looking, higher resolution, smoother tomb-raiding experience than its console counterpart. That said, if you're using an Nvidia graphics card, the game could be unstable, although that instability is usually fixed by turning tessellation off.

Good news: A beta driver released by Nvidia on Friday clears the issue right up, and ostensibly offers some performance improvements across the board too. I installed the driver for my 660Ti and have been running with tessellation with nary a problem.

It's been cool to explore the island a bit in the aftermath of the story, just like Evan said it would be. That said, I think I might actually start a replay of the game on a higher difficulty. My bow and arrow misses having moving targets.


    Lucky me, still haven't had a problem, even before the patch ;D

    I have a GTX680 and never had any probelms...I think everything was turned on too

    good to hear though

    Completed the game without a single issue, or crash... woohoo!

    Good to see I'm not the only one that hasn't had an issue yet.

    Also, during my playthrough I screen capped the (near) exact moment as the article header, but with higher graphics settings and TressFX on. Seriously amazing to see the difference in quality.

      It is, I keep thinking I must be mad to be so impressed by something as superficial as hair but its disappointing in other games to see hair just wave a little at premade pivot points. Seeing hair whipped around by the wind in a manner thats remotely realistic is remarkably immersive

    My only crashes were due to playing on steam bigpicture mode if I played on my pc monitor it ran flawlessly with my 580.

    Sadly I still experienced crashing with tessellation on using my GTX 670

      I have two GTX 670s in sli and i luckily never experienced a problem.

      Disabled exclusive fullscreen, so far so good.

    I just wanted to say, I am loving this game! Best one I've played in ages, honestly. Don't know what it is but I am enjoying it more than even Dishonoured, Max Payne, Sleeping Dogs, Dead Space 3 to name a few. I dunno, maybe I just love Lara??? I usually hate puzzlers (can't stand Portal for instance) but thankfully this one is quite enjoyably easy (on the puzzling side).

    Anyway yeah back to crash fixing... I have no issues on CrossfireX 6970 2gb's. Even get 60fps and nice realistic hair... :P

    It crashed about 5mins in when I first installed the beta driver and all I was doing was idling on the menu screen. When I booted it up again though, gave me a good 2 hours or so until I ended my session. Hopefully that'll be the case from now on.

    I am using 2x HD 5990 ATi's. I get heaps of crashing and its not even a Nvidia.

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