Hope You Weren't Planning On Playing SimCity Tonight

Maybe you bought SimCity today.

Maybe you were hoping to fire it up after a long day of work. Maybe you've been waiting for this game for years now, and you were psyched to finally check it out.

Maybe you didn't mind the whole "online only" thing, because you keep your computer connected to the Internet 99% of the time anyway, and who really needs to play PC games on an airplane?

So you sat for an hour or two and ate dinner or something as you waited for SimCity to download and install. When it hit 100%, you were stoked. Finally.

Then... something went wrong.

Maybe the servers just wouldn't authenticate.

Maybe your friends list wouldn't show up.

Maybe you got this message:

Lots of people got that message:

Maybe you're infuriated. Maybe you wish launch day games would work on the day they launched. Maybe you think is is unacceptable.

You're not the only one.


    This is why EA can "go fuck themselves up their stupid ass."

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    EA's probally been around scince yall were in daipers

      So they should be old enough and experienced enough to know better.

    Getting the game tomorrow, hope this doesn't occur

      hope in one hand, crap in the other. see which fills up first.

    Omg its a video game, take a chill pill and be patient.

      Yep be patient, 30 min wait time to TRY and join (not 30 mins to join)

        Yeah sure, ill be patient after I wait an hour for it to download and install my game; only to have it break when I try to play it; so I wait another hour; and another and then we uninstall and try again. Bullshit you're that patient

      Thing is, few years ago, waiting for a game to let you play it wasn't really a problem. People didn't have to take a chill pill back then, the game WAS their chill pill. Why should they have to be patient now? What happens if ALL games were broken on release day like this, is it still right to ask people to be patient then?

        Totally agree. We put up with so much shit down because we are used to terrible service.

        Companies like EA can just shit all over us because we just throw money at them and say please give me more. Its a launch day, not a beta test. If someone sold you a car, and then you couldn't even open the door you wouldn't like, 'oh I only just bought it'

      Some people have a very small window of free time every week because of jobs and kids. So it's no small thing when deciding to carefully invest that free time in a relaxing bout of computer games. Hours of frustration later you realise your time is up, and it's back to "work and responsibilities time" for the rest of the week until your next small, precious window opens up... well, it's enough to make a person extremely vexed.

      I haven't bought SimCity yet, but I experienced this issue with Battlefield 3 and Punkbuster that ruined at least 3 consecutive rare windows of game time until I found the solution. Not happy.

      EA, making money is AWESOME, but if you forget about your customers in order to maximise your profit, you'll soon end up with neither.

      Say its Friday night and you have booked tickets to go see a movie for you and your girlfriend, 30 dollars for both of you. You show up and they say sorry too many people are trying to see the movie tonight you will have to find something else to do tonight and try again tomorrow or the next day or next week. Would you be like its cool they took our 30 dollars but we don't get to watch the movie at the time we selected or would you think "Maybe those assholes shouldn't have sold this many tickets if their cinema cant handle it"?

      Imagine if you paid 80 dollars for your ticket, would that make it better?

      I dont understand why people think its OK to take customers money and not follow through with the product.
      I see it over and over and over again, people giving game publishers a free ride with this crap.
      "Its ok, its early days they will get it right" or "Its only a game, chill out"
      Its simply not acceptable!
      If they havent got it right at launch, DONT take peoples money yet.

      Would you go buy a car, and then give the car yard/manufacturer a free ride on faults because "Its ok, its early days they will get it right" or "Its only a car, chill out"

      You take money, you give the product/service
      If you cant deliver, you have no right to take the money

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    I'm sorry, but who amongst you genuinely thought EA would be competent enough to handle this launch properly?


      I don't think anyone in their right mind thought it was going to be a good launch.

      If the always-online DRM wasn't there, how would you play SimCity? It would be broken. The new SimCity is designed to be an online social city building game, the bonus to that was an ok (I use the term 'ok' loosely..) DRM to stop piracy. The game is actually good. The small maps suck, the always-online requirement sucks even more, but the base game is actually fun.

        it doesn't matter how good the game is with DRM if you can't play it.

    I may play it tomorrow night when i get home from work at 11 but mostly Ill just install it and platy on friday night after work.

      You hope to play on Friday night anyway, doesn't necessarily mean EA's servers will let you.

    How about if everyone didnt pirate games? Then there would be no DRM. Brought it on yourselves.

      Way to lump everyone in the same boat, moron.

      I've never pirated a game in my life. Why am I being punished?

      You do realise that the pirates never see DRM ? Or copyright warnings. They're removed from the file before uploading. The only people that suffer are those that don't pirate. People that spend a 80 dollars for the game get a worse product then those downloading it. That's just fucked up.

    Since most of the internet was expecting this, how is it still a surprise?

    The joys of always-on DRM... Diablo 3 had a similarly bad launch too.

    I'll never know why people think this shit is okay.

    Only a matter of time now before a pirated version gets released. So glad didn't buy into this game. Even though is only first day (or week its seeming to be), the fact that EA will just turn off the servers in the future, means I wont be buying it. Its more like renting it indefinitely until EA says so.

      and theres your answer...... idiot pirates

      well pirate this is one game you are not going to play....

        ...what? Do you have no idea how pirates work?

        Hint: If pirates want to play Sim City, someone WILL figure out how to make a fake server or whatever and seed it. Online DRM didn't stop Diablo 3 from getting pirated servers, and it's not going to stop Sim City from being pirated either.

        However, based on the ARSTechnica review, this game is probably worth a miss anyways.

          well if you want to play a crippled crashy unpatched buggy POS and you wanna have fun go right ahead.... im premium all the way buddy.... full shebang

            This is quite possibly the funniest thing I have read today, you do know you are posting in a thread about how the game is not working right?

            How's that working out for you?

              im playing just fine thanx for asking :)

              its a great game

        lol fail.
        You do release the people who pirate games do it for the gamers.
        Game Developers try to make games for gamers then the studios come along and find ways to ruin it.

        This is one of those games that the pirates will need to fix, and will end up with a more stable enjoyable game then the people who have legitimately purchased it.

    To this day I still think that SC2 is the most friendly DRM... Log once a week and then just forget about it.

    Sim City was all about single player when I played it. I mean I don't even want to know about other people's cities, I just wanna call Godzilla to destroy mine dammit!!

    All hail the Age of Social Media. People just don't have time for anything now days. So the game got a few issues, you know what, life goes on, its not that bad.

      How come games get a free pass? If you bought something physical for 80 bucks and it didn't work you wouldn't say "Well gee that sure is fine".

    It's not the connecting that's an issue - I'm having zero issue with that. The problem is getting past the 5 minute mark without the game crashing, without saving. Seems be the saving that's causing the crash, actually. Here's hope they get this shit sorted.

    Oh man. My fiance and I are buying it tomorrow to play together; we've been looking forward to it for ages. Just hope the damn thing works. :/ Anyone here actually played/attempted to play it yet? Your experiences?

    I'll be waiting for the game to drop in price and the servers to stabilise - and then I'll take a look. Until then I'll just have to stick a disc in my PC and play something else.

    Just wait for the day when EA decides to retire the Simcity servers. Then you'll be screwed. At least you can still play the old Simcity games.

    Well the servers were all full but it installed quick at least :)

    It authenticated fine, just applying the update now. All seems well. Disc version.

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