How Does Japanese Manga Steve Jobs Compare To Real Steve Jobs?

How Does Japanese Manga Steve Jobs Compare To Real Steve Jobs?
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Japanese manga artist Mari Yamazaki of Thermae Romae fame is doing a biographical manga series on Steve Jobs.

Last month, when discussing the upcoming series, Yamazaki said she felt sympathy towards Jobs — which might provide insight to the angle she’ll be taking with the series. Below is Yamazaki’s take on Jobs. It’s a drawing!

And here’s how real Steve Jobs compares to Japanese manga Steve Jobs.

The Steve Jobs manga will begin appearing in female-geared comics magazine Kiss starting March 25. The name of the manga series is Steve Jobs. I have no idea how they came up with that title.

テルマエ作者新作はジョブズ、月刊へリニューアルの「Kiss」で連載 [ナリナリ]

Top picture: Justin Sullivan/Getty


  • This is ridiculous. Man I really hate anime now, whatever happened to stuff like cowboy bebop and outlaw star, and samurai champloo, and other good ones. Duno maybe I’ve changed, or maybe its just easier to produce crap.

    • The good stuff is out there you just need to search harder. It got more popular and so they released a larger volume of stuff.

      Check out Magi: The labyrinth of Magic. Free Episodes are available on they are subbed but.

    • So basically, what happened to action genre anime? It’s still around, but now it’s alongside a much more diverse ranges of genres, themes and styles. And I for one am thankful of this change.

    • They’re out there. As the other replies mentioned, you just need to look a bit harder since anime hit the mainstream and more titles are being released meaning Sturgeon’s law is coming into full effect. I just finished watching Bodacious Space Pirates which had some pacing issues but was a bit of fun. You might also want to check out Steins;Gate and Ergo Proxy. If you liked Cowboy Bebop then Kids on the Slope is coming out soon (it’s the same producer). Rideback is a pretty good series too.

  • On a vaguely related note, I have a job interview at the new Apple store next week that I only half want and I was thinking of going dressed in a black turtle neck,levi’s,glasses and new balance kicks.
    Too soon?

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