How To Turn Your Dirt Bike Into A Moving Bomb In Battlefield 3's New DLC

Cutting to the chase, you throw a bunch of C4 on it, obviously.

Battlefield 3 recently got some new DLC, called End Game. One of the more interesting new features in the 1.8GB download (the file size for the 360) is the dirt bike. You can have some fun experimenting with it, and that's just what the guys at Rooster Teeth did for their latest "Things To Do In" feature.

Up above, watch Jack fail miserably at using the bomb effectively, but he does get a kill or two in there towards the end. It's a cool move, if you can pull it off of course.

Things to Do In - Battlefield 3: Endgame - Hot Doggin' & Surprise Package [YouTube]


    urghhh, another person that uses the analogue stick like a d-pad...... I can't watch this....

      ugh another person that plays FPS games on a console........

    If at first you don't succeed, fail and fail again

    It's more fun to run people down with it. Swinging hard to either side makes it so easy to clip infantry :D

      thats if u survive long enough not to get a javelin up ur arse :-)

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