I Can't Tell If Doctor Who Makes PlayStation Home More Or Less Creepy

One of the problems I have with PlayStation Home is the avatars — they're too uncanny, too department-store-mannequin for my tastes. Does dressing them up as the Doctor and giving them a TARDIS to play in help?

Half of that question is rhetorical — everything is better with a TARDIS. Take any significant event in human history, apply a rogue Time Lord in a stolen police box capable of traversing all of time and space, and things always seem to turn out just peachy.

This is not peachy.

While I appreciate the convenience of not having to go to a science-fiction convention for unconvincing Doctor Who cosplay, that convenience only applies if one has a hankering for it, and such a hankering I have never known. The Silence alien is rather nifty, but I've already forgotten seeing it. Say, what's with these black dashes on my forearm?

The hideousness of the Doctor and River Song catsuit costumes on plastic PlayStation Home avatars is only offset by this beauty right here.

Oh, sweet TARDIS, how I long to be inside you. Available as a private space and a clubhouse, the TARDIS playset comes complete with it's own LOOT Active Camera, so friends can gather together and film their own depressing machinima videos and upload them to YouTube for all the world to see.

I'm going to have to go with more creepy, but in a pleasant sort of way. While the uneasy situation in the PlayStation Home common areas will only be exacerbated by the March 27 (just in time for this weekend's new episode!) release of the first wave of Doctor Who-themed home goodies, being able to flee to the TARDIS is what makes going into flee-worthy situations so worthwhile.

Allons-y! Doctor Who Coming to PlayStation Home [PlayStation Blog]


    Well, we should just be happy that it's not Tom Bakers Doctor Who. Somehow I think Doctor Who walking around with a bag of lollies could be taken out of context by FOX News...

      Oldie but a Goodie http://youtu.be/mfisgGuuUD8

    I don't get why it's this TARDIS interior, though. There's been a new one since Christmas; you'd think they'd want to release the one that people were about to see on television. (I'm sure it's because it's the model they'd already built for that game that came out last year, but still.)

    Asking whether something makes Home creepier is like asking whether Kyle Sandilands wearing fishnets makes him creepier. Some things just have a base level of creepiness that's hard to surpass.
    Although in all fairness Home can sometimes be entertaining.

      I don't know how you came to the idea of Kyle Sandilands wearing fishnets, but now I can't get that disgusting image out of my head D=

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