I Didn't Mean To Kill You, Beautiful Xenosaga Statue

Of all theGathering statues from e2406.com I've reviewed, I was most looking forward to their gorgeous 20-inch rendition of Xenosaga's T-elos. Some roleplayers prefer Kos-Mos, but my heart was always with this dark-and-deadly Mary Magdalene cyborg.

In the game she nearly took down the entire party all by her lonesome. I took her out with a single, unfortunate drop.

This is what T-elos is supposed to look like.

For the most part, that's what the $US299 statue looked like when I unpacked her fully painted form (you can buy her unpainted for a great deal less, but painting is evil). I had to attach her head, fasten on her arm and place her chest pieces (yes, the cups come off — no I'm not showing you). Her headband needed to be attached (no glue for any of this) as well as several bits of hair, but ultimately she was this shiny and this pretty, with one major difference.

Exclusive to e2406.com's Gathering line, the Tri-Barrel Gatling Gun replaces T-elos' standard arm, making for a much more dangerous piece. I didn't realise just how dangerous until hours later.

For the moment she was everything I wanted. The Gathering painters might have laid on the dark shading around the straps of T-elos' outfit a bit strongly, but it was only noticeable up close, fading to a pleasant 3D effect from a few feet away.

Amazing detail and top-notch colour work combine to recreate the killer robot reincarnation of Jesus' girlfriend in fine form.

The purpose of a piece like this, for me, is not simply to have a sexy bit of anime girl sitting on my shelf. I look at T-elos and I relive those amazing fight scenes from Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra. They are trophies of my adventures, physical souvenirs from the days when I could spend 20 hours playing a game without worrying about writing something about it immediately after.

T-elos was something special, but then I killed her.

I could blame Gathering for my pains, but really it's my fault. See, T-elos comes with a fetching decorative base.

This base was made for the statue, and, in its default configuration, it's completely stable. Add on, say, a Triple-Barrel Gatling Gun that weighs a lot more than the arm it replaces, and suddenly that stability comes into question.

I felt her tilting to the right the moment I pegged her into the base. I should have grabbed the glue immediately, but, instead, I balanced her and took a chance. My mistake.

The balance-ruining cannon paid for its crime, and I paid for mine.

e2406.com's Gathering T-elos statue is a magnificent piece of work that captures the spirit of the game character in stunning detail, right down to the oddly removable chest bits (she's not anatomically correct, I'll say that much). Let this post serve as a warning — if you go for the Gatling Gun and don't secure her to the base, you're an idiot.


T-elos [e2406.com]


    What are these things made of? I always assumed it was no-so-brittle plastic that would be fine if it took a tumble off a shelf.

      Resin... its quite strong, but a drop from a good height will pretty much break it

      Wider production figures are either made out of PVC or for the better made ones, a combination of PVC and ABS, because ABS is stronger than PVC and doesn't sag over time. This one is probably cold-cast resin though, which like ABS is strong and hard but brittle and can crack easily.

    I loved the Xenosaga trilogy, Episode 3 was the absolute best. But nothing will come close to good ol' Xenoblade.

    That's what happens when the intimacy gets a little out of control between a man and his action figures.

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo how could you :( this is a sad day

    I've worked with resin kits for few years now, you always have to use have 'pins' glued at one end of the joints, especially with figures that standing on a single point that have to hold the whole thing in balance, sometimes you have to insert multiple pins or a long hollow one up to halfway of the leg, and secure the pin to the base with screw or washer with nut

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