I Found The Mythical Friend Zone. It's A Sonic Level.

Guys. Guys. The friend zone is real, it exists. It's a Sonic level.

I've made the joke of a friendzone-based Sonic level a million times before (and so have others, I'm sure), but artist Jake Lawrence actually drew it out for me last night. Here it is.

Sonic, Amy just doesn't like you like that, OK? It's cool though, you can just be friends. Nobody owes you romantic reciprocation, after all!


    Making a joke of a racist situation?

    Look at that picture. Segregating the blue's from the majority and preventing them from breeding. Suggesting that only the red hued characters have a right for romantic relations with each other....this is disgusting racism and I'm surprised that you support it, Patricia.

      And why aren't there any foxes in the picture?

      Except Sonic and Amy are both hedgehogs. Knuckles is an Echidna, so if anything, it's pro-interracial relations.

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