I Would Cry Real Tears Of Joy If I Could Ride This Minecraft Beetlejuice Roller Coaster

Wow. This thing is elaborate! (Word of warning, if you don't like dubstep or anything like it, you should just mute the video now. I personally like the song just fine.)

According to YouTuber nuropsych1, it took their team roughly two months on the Xbox 360's creative mode to create this beast.

It would probably take longer to make it in real life, and quite a bit of money. So I expect I'll have one by the end of this year. Sound good, roller coaster maker people? Cool.

Thanks Stan!


    It was done on the XBOX version!?

      Yeah, xbox version does have creative mode now :)

    That really was incredible, the best thing I've seen in Minecraft hands-down.

    D: Throughout this I was thinking of the mods/shortcuts they would of used to create this then to find out it was done on XBOX! Holy COW!!!!!!

    Amazing, minecraft looks to have it's own arts movement going.. I have a feeling it'll become a whole lot bigger and get a whole lot more impressive.

    That was awesome!

    Then I realised I said "Shit a brick!" during the desert scene and viola! I had unwittingly made a great pun which made me happy.

    True story.

    I have got to get my hands on this map!!!

    This is the greatest thing i've ever seen in Minecraft!
    And it's also done in the Xbox version??? Holy hell I'm still building a dirt house! XD

    the amount of detail was amazing. this is one of the best minecraft video i have seen. best movie as well!

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