I Would Pay Good Money To Play This Impressive Destruction Demo

When Nvidia wants crap to break apart, it breaks apart good. This is is a real-time dynamic fracture demo shown at GDC, running at 30 frames-per-second on a single Geforce GTX 680 graphics card.

Ever wish you could spend money on a tech demo?

Thanks Zak!


    The actual chunks look good, but none of the chunks seem to affect other parts of the building, they just bounce off like balls. Get the physics of that improved and it'll be awesome.

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    While it looks great - there's one big issue that I see.

    All of the clicking is done from top to bottom. At 0:55 and 2:56, the player starts from the bottom - knocking out the supports.

    But the top of the buildings don't move, and the other supports of the structure don't buckle under the increased tension.

    Aside from that though, it's a step closer to a game like Battlefield implementing the environment as an actual gameplay factor aside from blowing holes in specific walls.

      Generally, structures buckle in compression, but other than that I agree with you.

      After two of the support columns had been destroyed, I too was hoping to see the others fail and the tower fall.

      Also when one of the spheres began to fall, it was quickly shot before it hit anything. I assume that there are no interaction effects between the objects, only the gun causes damage.

      Not to take away from the fantastic physics shown here, but until there is some stress analysis working under the hood, it wouldn't feel realistic if we were given this tech demo to play with ourselves.

    Remember when this was what BF3 promised, rather than what it delivered...

    Would make an all right screen saver... a couple of years ago, when screen savers were more relevant.

    I want BeamNG so bad.


    This doesn't even need to be a game. Just build a bunch of famous landmarks, The Sphinx, the Sydney Opera House, The Eiffel Tower. Put a bunch of people running around screaming and getting crushed. And there you have it, the worlds fastest selling stress relief software. 5 minutes with this badboy and all your worries disappear.

    Did no one notice the rather humorous spelling mistake at the very beginning of the video?

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