If You’re Still Mad About SimCity, At Least You Can Sign This Petition

If You’re Still Mad About SimCity, At Least You Can Sign This Petition

Their message is clear: What happened with SimCity is not OK. Their demands are simple: Remove the always-online requirement from SimCity and future games.

And they are legion.

Their change.org petition has almost 75,000 signatures. Who knows if it will have any real-world effects, but at least it’s keeping the dialogue up. That’s what we’re doing here, after all. Hell, they could have done this on whitehouse.gov and forced Obama to chime in.

Thanks, simpsonfreak1120!


  • Didn’t people report EA to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) over Mass Effect 3? Has anyone tried that over Sim City?

    • Why? The always online thing was never kept a secret. Everyone knew what it was. And they’ve fixed the server and connection issues. They didn’t just say too bad and left them broken. As it stands now the game is working as advertised.

      • No sir, no it does not. They still have a long way to go. And this is excluding the always online aide of things. I’d be happy if i could find any games online and my cities didn’t delete themselves all the time due to “server sync” issues. They’ve stripped features from the game at launch to make it work at all.

        I hope the company goes down the toilet

      • Besides the whole core of the game not working. The GlassBox engine does not do what it was promised. This is very evident once you have a large city, many of the services break. Sure patches are being rolled out, and do improve some things, but I have a feeling the patches can only go so far.

        • What did they promise that it doesn’t do, exactly? Works fine for me, none of the services break.

        • Traffic is still broken, cars don’t choose the empty highway, go round and round in circles. They block fire engines, police and ambulances. The trains don’t go to all the stations. Having street cars makes 0 difference to traffic levels. Garbage dumps are always full without a dedicated city just for garbage even with recycling centres. People with the best parks next to them leave because they can’t find the park that’s right next door. When I buy services from a city in the same region in private mode the money never shows up in the city I buy from. The budgets doesn’t display the full listing of income for services rendered to another city properly and a host of other issues. The game is far from complete, but I enjoy it. Even more so when/if they can fix it.

    • no. I didnt buy this game because of the always online DRM for a singleplayer game despite them saying it was essential, and with it being confirmed its not essential, Maxis have lost me as a customer. In the words of microsoft customers shuld vote with their walltes to change the market, and thats what I am doing. As such, I can afford to eat classier than 2 minute noodles for dinner on my minimum wage pay for a week with that $70 I saved

          • Best way to do it!!! I’m buying the Bioshock infinite bundle this week. My nephew and I are going halves. 20 bucks for me, 30 for him. He gets Xcom and the others, I get Bioshock infinite for 20 bucks. A STEAL 😀 All because I decided not to get Simcity 😀

      • Cities XL is a single-thread process. Meaning that your dual/quad/octo-core processors won’t make it go any faster than a Pentium 4 would. Due to this shortcoming, the whole game slows down to an unplayable crawl within hours.

        • It’s loaded with problems that have been in the game from the start. Waste of money. At least the SimCity problems have been mostly fixed in the first few weeks, the Cities XL problems are still there after years, with no fix in sight.

          • SimCity problems have NOT been mostly fixed. It’s been over a month. Still plenty of bugs. Plenty of CITIES DISAPPEARING

    • May be as simple as that for you, but others actually have standards and would rather stand up for whats right.

  • Sure, let’s remove the Online component!

    Minus the fact that would break the game and render it useless. Online was never secret and it’s integrated into the game. Remove it and the game ceases to be.

    • Seriously? You played the game? Hardly, when you see how you can play a region on your own. The storing of cities on the server would be the hardest part, and even that would be just simply writing the data to a local file rather then to a database on their server, and loading from that. In another sense, the game is already useless in its current state. After about 5 hours of playing on a city, it will slowly start to fall apart no matter what you do, as all sorts of pathing glitches occur.

  • The DLC controversy and ending debacle that happened with Mass Effect 3 was enough to make me lose trust in EA. I know the quality of BioWare’s products, and that wasn’t it. Since then I’ve just decided to avoid every EA game that is launched and I seem to always find myself on the “I told you so” side of things.

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