I'm Commander Shepard And These Are My Favorite Gags From Mass Effect 3: Citadel

Citadel, the final downloadable add-on for Mass Effect 3, is a hell of a good time. It's so full of jokes, references, call-backs and gags that it's difficult to keep up.

Plenty of people have been taking to YouTube and elsewhere to share their favourite moments from Citadel, and I thought I'd take the opportunity to share four of mine.

Spoilers follow, obvs.

Who Ordered Pizza?

Of course, it was Vega, because Vega is totally the dude who would order pizza during an important mission-briefing.

"We're Cannon-Fodder"

Aah, the moment when a guard realises he's just a guard in a video game. A sad moment, indeed. While this doesn't quite match the brilliant enemy dialogue in No One Lives Forever, it made me chuckle. I also enjoyed the whispered banter leading up to it, particularly how Garrus pronounces "Sorry."

One Last Elevator Ride

Of course, it wouldn't be a funny Mass Effect episode if they didn't get in one last elevator joke. I feel you, Garrus — I miss those elevator rides, too.

When The Universe Ran Out Of Ammunition

Easily my favourite bit from the entire thing, and the moment when I realised just how much fun the rest of Citadel was going to be.

*** There were plenty of other great moments in Citadel, but those were probably my four favourite. My video-capture software lost the bit where Specialist Traynor's toothbrush saved the day, though that was certainly another highlight. Also, Tali was dead on my playthrough, so I missed her hilarious musical interlude, and I haven't seen all of the other unique character interactions yet, either. If you've got any of your own favourite moments, I hope you'll share in the comments.

It was fun, Commander. Thanks for the laughs.


    I sure hope that header image is not a spoiler Kirk.

      Nope, just a joke scene - there are a dozen more like that scattered in there :)

        Yeah, it's kind of like revealing the punch line before you've seen the joke. I thought it was a bit contemptuous of the reader to have that on the main page. He could've used a more generic image that didn't give away the joke. I didn't go through the article but it's kind of hard to ignore when the image is the first thing you see when you hit the website. Anyway, minor gripe.

    LOL Loved the elevator one. If more of the DLC was of the quality of ME2's DLC and this? I'd be inclined to buy it, but as it stands... nope.

      Really? Omega was pretty awesome and while Leviathan was a lot simpler than these other 2 it was still an interesting little adventure.

        I dunno, I didn't feel much 'connection' with Leviathan. Omega was ok, but I'm still yet to find anything that I like as much as Shadow Broker or Overlord :)

        I'm not saying they're bad at all, they're not. For DLC they're all stunningly high quality by all means, I just love how with this, there's enough little touches, you can tell they went all out for it :) possibly because its supposedly the final dlc :(

          Fair enough, I didn't feel as amazed by Overlord (but it was not bad by any stretch) but Shadow Broker was seriously amazing. I really enjoyed the characters in Omega and while Leviathan wasn't super engaging I though the reveal of what Leviathan actually was was intriguing though.

          As for this one, it is indeed pure fanservice. It really feels like the holiday special, kinda cheesy but a great joy for fans to play through.

    Garrus' tango, Joker's tall-tales, Grunt's trouble with the law and Zaeed's addiction are all worthy additions as well.

    My favorite moments:
    * If you choose EDI and she gets disconnected from the Normandy while en route there

    * Treynor's toothbrush and Shepard's comment afterwards

    * Liara's southern accent whilst distracting the guards

    * The "I should go" monologue

    * Shepard, Wrex Shepard, Grunt, Shepard, Wrex Shepard, Grunt, Sheppuurrrrrd

    * Grunt's wild night

    * Treynor's arcade match

    * Blasto with Javik

    And the best part
    * Joker's Mech moment.

    Hard to pick my favourite moment from the DLC.... Although if I had to pick one it would probably be that whole "I Should Go" scene. The joke Garrus made about calibrations was good as well. lol

    $14 well spent.

    Last edited 13/03/13 9:00 pm

    On top of everything mentioned the party was pretty fun, including Liara and Vega arguing and the various dancings. Especially everyone having a laugh at Shepard then reassuring her that it's okay her dancing is bad cause she spends all her time out saving the universe :P

    A lot of these gags played out differently for me. In the 'When The Universe Ran Out Of Ammunition
    ' video posted, I instead had EDI exclaim "In retrospec, I could have simply used my decoy ability without anyone risking thier life, however I believe the current outcome was more cathartic" - or something to that effect.

    Lots of great gags though.

    Save the best till last i guess, that was a awesome DLC. Laughed and Smiled all the way through. One of funny moments i liked was Garrus saying shepard, fallen through any aquiriums lately. Also Grunt at the Party if you disallow people to come into the apartment, the enjoyment he got out of saying No, you cant come in. Oh and Shepard dancing, lmao.

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