In This Lovely Fairytale Game, Your Right Thumb Is Your Little Brother

I've been waiting to see more of the world of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The downloadable game looks so different than most of the games that Starbreeze has put out and seems to be an eye-catching mix of exploration and co-operative puzzle-solving.

The twist, however, is that you'll need to co-operate with yourself. Specifically, each thumbstick on a gamepad will control one of the game's siblings.

I really like how characters will react differently to each Brother. It's not the most novel mechanic in the world but it does resonate with how kids from the same family can rub adults different ways based on their personalities. Brothers will cost 1200 MS points on Xbox Live when it comes out in the next few months; pricing for Steam and PSN is still pending.


    This looks pretty damn fun. Though hopefully the two characters controlled at once won't be used to warp my mind like in one of those trials in Ni No Kuni. Really like the art direction too.

    Josef's accent makes him sound shifty. XD

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    Great concept...can't believe something like this hasn't been done before actually.

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