Indie Gem To The Moon Gets A Sequel... Sort Of

To the Moon, a lovely and emotionally evocative indie adventure game released in 2011, is getting a sequel... sorta.

The game's called A Bird Story, and it's a short adventure that will be out in mid 2013. Creator Kan Gao likes to think of it as a bridge between the first and second To the Moons.

"It might be good to think of it more as a standalone game/story though, since all the characters are new (all two of them, counting the bird)," Gao told me in an email last night. "I'm also a bit afraid that people'd think less of it since it's kind of a prequel to the 2nd 'full episode.' It's its own story, and although it's just about 30 minutes or so, I think of it as just as important as the 2nd ep."

Let's call it... To the Moon 1.5.

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    Looking forward to many great indie games out this year

    Just like To The Moon, the music is amazing, especially for a one-man-band. Of course, everything else is amazing too.

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