Indie Gem To The Moon Gets A Sequel... Sort Of

To the Moon, a lovely and emotionally evocative indie adventure game released in 2011, is getting a sequel... sorta.

The game's called A Bird Story, and it's a short adventure that will be out in mid 2013. Creator Kan Gao likes to think of it as a bridge between the first and second To the Moons.

"It might be good to think of it more as a standalone game/story though, since all the characters are new (all two of them, counting the bird)," Gao told me in an email last night. "I'm also a bit afraid that people'd think less of it since it's kind of a prequel to the 2nd 'full episode.' It's its own story, and although it's just about 30 minutes or so, I think of it as just as important as the 2nd ep."

Let's call it... To the Moon 1.5.


    Looking forward to many great indie games out this year

    Just like To The Moon, the music is amazing, especially for a one-man-band. Of course, everything else is amazing too.

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