It's Like A Power Glove... For Dungeons And Dragons

The Wizard will always be my favourite video game movie of all time — not just because of the power glove. But mostly because of the power glove. The above gadget, is sort of like a power glove. It's like a power glove for folks that like Dungeons and Dragons.

Actually it's more like a gauntlet — a gauntlet that also functions as a virtual dice. You can also set the device to work as a dice with as many sides as you like up to 100. So if you want to use it as a dice for any kind of Dungeons and Dragons style game, then you totally could (and should).

You can pick it up for $70US from ThinkGeek.


    Sweet! Next step, a Pipboy based off the ones in Fallout 3 & Fallout NV

      I would so buy one of those! I'm suprised it hasn't been done yet.

    Lame. Just wait til the shitstorms it'll create once people start fiddling and modding it.

    This is highly awesome, especially if you used it in a Sci-Fi themed RPG session as a wirst communicator as well. But still, you can't beat having a whole tablet on your wrist. ( Though there are proper smart watches coming out... This is a whole new market.

    As a quick heads up, 'dice' is the plural form; 'die' is the singular.
    If this were a DIY project, I'd think it was kind of cool. But even as a tech geek who loves playing Half-Orc Barbarians, I'd never pony up $70 for this.

    They'd be better served just making a fur gauntlet forearm mount for an iPod Touch, and using a free dice-roller app.


    Fun fact, the kid in that movie with the Power Glove is now a convicted sex offender.

    Ehhh random dice rollers suck, they are just not random. That and it takes away the fun/tension of rolling the die yourself.

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