Japanese Photobombs Get Creepy And Spooky, Even With Cats

In Japanese, "shinrei shashin" (心霊写真) means "spirit or ghost photography". It's usually accidental, and some people think it's real. Others don't. This notion isn't only Japanese and exists pretty much wherever there are cameras. Oh, and dead people.

Often these pics end up being creepy photobombs, with unsettling images discovered in the background. You know, a reflection in the mirror or something out of The Ring. Here's a sample:

This is very much a thing in Japan and pops up in movies, manga and even video games. Take 3DS game Shinrei Camera, which was released last year.

There's even ghost photography with cats. The cats aren't ghosts, of course. They're just normal cats being... cats. However, in photos, they sometimes behave like they're ghosts or spirits, and people upload them online as a wry gag.

恐怖画像・心霊画像 たまに動画 [まとめ] 怖いようでおもしろかわいい猫たちの心霊写真まとめ [まとめ]

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    Whats with ghost and photobombing living people's photos? Trying to find any opportunity to grab attention.

    Last edited 22/03/13 7:56 am

      It's just selfish really.

        I've told my kids that ghosts are worth a fortune as no one has ever caught one before. They are trained to lock eye contact, approach and acquire, then SELL FOR FAT PROFIT!!!

          Just make sure no one shuts off the power grid.

    It's also known as Boneheading...


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