Japanese Schoolgirls Bring Manga Style Martial Arts To Life For Fun

What looks like a Japanese manga come to life is really a bunch of schoolgirls having fun with friends. Or is it? Dun dun dun.

These photos recently appeared on 2ch, Japan's largest bulletin board, under the heading "Schoolgirls Nowadays lol".

While some 2ch users humorously pointed out that this was the martial art technique known as the "hakkei" (発勁) in Japanese. (In Chinese martial arts, "hakkei" is known as "fajin".)

Others 2ch users uploaded photos that had been altered, giving the images a decidedly manga feel. "Schoolgirls now are manipulating chi?" asked one 2ch user. "Schoolgirls these days sure are scary," added another, while yet another summed it up, "They're masters of air."

This seems like a thing, at least with a handful of students. But it's not a national craze. Yet.

最近の女子高生wwww [2ch via ひまじん]

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    People are forgetting the real martial arts and just how awesome it can be.

      I think you're forgetting how cool fake martiall arts are.

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