Japanese Subway Stations Totally Look Like Role-Playing Game Dungeons

As any long-time resident can attest, Japan's subway is punctual, clean and convenient. Its stations, however, can get elaborate and confusing.

Train stations, by their very nature, with those staircases and escalators, look like labyrinths or dungeons. Some stations just look a little more like them.

Recently, a Japanese net user posted a photo of the Tokyo Metro's Shibuya Station, aka "Shibuya Dungeon". For a few years now, it's been dubbed as such.

And for good reason! This is better level design than what you'll find in some big name RPGs.

Other Tokyo Metro stations are also like dungeons. Here's Otemachi Station.



This isn't only a Tokyo thing. Other Japan Rail stations across the country look like RPG dungeons, too. Above is Yokohama Station.

Nagoya Station.

Kyoto Station.

Osaka Station.

Hakata Station in Fukuoka.

And Kobe Station, which looks like an early-game dungeon. You gotta level up for the Tokyo dungeons!

ほんまもんのRPGと変わらん [2ch] ダンジョンつーか迷路だよな [暇人速報] 「渋谷駅がダンジョンのようだ」と話題に 「駅ダンジョン」の世界 [カフェオレ・ライター]


    You would want to find the dungeon map.

      You definitely need one! The train stations in Tokyo drove me insane. Shinjuku station was a f*ing nightmare.

        Agreed, A nightmare is truely an understatement. You go in one door do a 180 and you find your self at another exit!

    I'm going to Japan in May and this scares me.

      It becomes much easier once you start heeding the numbered subway exits. Also, there are colour and alphabetically coded signs at pretty much every junction, so you may not end up taking the shortest route, but there's generally no problem getting where you want to go.

      Don't worry; the signs are in English and Romanised Japanese as well, you won't get lost that often. It's also a big plus if you can speak the language; even a little survivor Japanese goes a long way. The people generally appreciate that you give an effort to speak in their language, and they're really helpful and polite.

    I'd rather be in a dungeon than have to use CityRail

    i remember my first time heading to shinjuku station and i got lost. couldnt find south exit and meet up with friends. having to ask the locals how to get around. tokyo station is just as bad due to its complexity. but i agree that it gets easier the 2nd time round.

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