Journey Developer Joins Ouya As ‘Developer’s Best Friend’

Journey Developer Joins Ouya As ‘Developer’s Best Friend’

Yep, that is Kellee Santiago’s new job title at Ouya — Developer’s Best Friend (DBF). That is a real thing. And we think it’s a pretty cool idea!

As Ouya heads closer to release it seems it seems as though Ouya founder Julie Uhrman is on a bit of a recruitment drive, attempting to give Ouya a sense of legitimacy in the marketplace. The hiring of thatgamecompany co-founder Kellee Santiago seems to be part of that strategy. Santiago left thatgamecompany in March 2012 after the release of its last game Journey.

“We’ve been looking for someone to lead our outreach to developers,” explained Julie Uhrman, on Ouya’s official site, “someone who really “gets” how developers work, someone who can help devs bring their most creative, exciting work to OUYA.”

Kellee Santiago feels like Ouya will be successful in making console development easier.

“This is the first console company that really understands how important it is to remove the barriers to development,” she said. “By freeing up the development process, OUYA is opening up new doors in console gaming.”


  • In the update on their Kickstarter project page they said that Ouya’s will be starting to ship on the 28th of March so they are keeping their promise of a late March delivery date.

    I suppose us Aussie backers will be the last to get our Ouya’s sent to us having to wait a few weeks for the snail mail to arrive.

  • While removing barriers to development is all well and good, if the market isn’t there, it doesn’t mean a thing. I don’t doubt that the Ouya will have enough of a crowd to support it (the Kickstarter proved that), I’d just be hesitant as a developer to rely on it as a secure source of revenue.

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