Just How Well Is The Wii U Selling In Australia?

Nintendo is usually very quick to release sales information, particularly when its consoles are flying off the shelves at record rates, so the absence of any concrete information about Wii U sales is worrying. Regular Kotaku contributor Daniel 'Vooks' Vuckovic has done a stellar job of looking into the performance of the Wii U locally in Australia.

The situation is clear, Wii U sales will need to pick up speed if we’re going to get publishers to release their games locally or even for stores to want to import them. Currently, there doesn’t seem to be the demand for these titles. This mirrors what happened with the GameCube in Australia, if you wanted a game you had to pre-order it – we’ve seen this happen this week with Need for Speed Most Wanted U. Most stores only received one or two copies.

It's an interesting situation. The Wii had absolutely incredible word of mouth, and was an intriguing concept aimed at precisely the same market. The Wii U? It's just seems so jumbled: jumbled messaging, jumbled positioning, everything. Now we're in the situation where retailers and publishers have very little confidence in the console. It's starting to look very similar to the GameCube situation here in Australia., and that's a shame.

Regardless. Great story, and well worth reading.

Feature: How’s the Wii U doing in Australia – are we at tipping point? [Vooks]


    They released the console at the wrong time.

      Wasn't it released at Christmas?

        I mean they released it at an 'in between time' from current to next-gen.

        I don't think people were too keen on a new console just yet. But we'll see how the PS4/720 goes.

          I was keen on a next-gen console as soon as I saw Battlefield 3 on 360 and Battlefield 3 on normal PC.

            If you are talking about 32 vs 64 players then yes, if you are talking about graphics... No... The game looks very similar on low vs ultra, its mostly draw distances that increase on higher settings.

              Have you played it on a decent pc? It looks rubbish on console in comparison

                I own it on pc and play on ultra, but the difference from lowest to highest settings is not that much to call lowest rubbish... I do not speak about things like this unless I'm sure about what I say, perhaps you should find some proof before saying things like "looks rubbish"


              I'm not a massive fans of the series, it looks much better even on medium settings on a PC as compared to xbox. Like proper generational leap.

    This is kinda sad to hear, I was looking to purchasing one around Xmas this year since they're releasing LOZ: Wind Waker HD but at this rate, I think I'm better off waiting.

    At least I still have my backlog to finish off (i.e., Super Metroid, Super Mario Galaxy, Clive Barker's Jericho, Borderlands 2, etc).

    Why is it that when a console manufacturer releases a console I actually like, it's their least successful? I actually love my WiiU despite the lack of software, because I know it will come. I actually like the direction they're takign the OS.

    I like the multitasking.

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      Yeah, much like the gamecube.. people seem to be shunning it but it actually is quite an amazing piece of hardware. Im loving mine to death, Gamecube ranks as my favourite console owned and the Wii U is catching up fast.

      Just need the games for it to overtake my beloved black box love!

    At least if it becomes another Gamecube youll be able to buy it for $99 soon

      At least if it becomes another GameCube it'll have a totally sweet game library :P

        ... of rehashed first party games?

          I don't think GameCube is what you think it is.

            You mean that game console that is also gathering dust next to my Wii? That began gathering dust not too long after it was released?

            I feel for Nintendo because they're really at the forefront of peripheral development and integration and yet 3rd party developers still will not embrace their consoles.

              Mine is gathering dust as well. I don't wipe it down often. I play it all the time though!

    It's catch 22.
    The Wii U will not sell well if publishers don't support it, and publishers won't support it unless the console does well. There is no way to break this circle unless third party developers takes risks. Anyways, Wii U is actually selling more than PS3 or Xbox 360 compared to their first 4 months, so there is really nothing to worry about yet.

      Wii U is actually selling more than PS3 or Xbox 360 compared to their first 4 months, so there is really nothing to worry about yet.

      ehh I kinda disagree, mainly because it is meant to be the first next gen and technically doesn't really have much competition.

        How well did the 360 first year go? It had no same gen competition for a year and it sold approx. 5.7 million in a year. Compared to 3million in 3 months for Wii U. You disagree but you would be wrong.

          I suspect the 360 sales were steady/increasing over time, not dropping like the 1930 stock exchange.

          Also take into fact, the xbox didn't sell very well so loyalty wasn't big. Not like the Wii, which is the highest selling current gen console.
          Pricewise, it's not expensive, so there is no excuse for that.

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            But casual games are not 'loyal' - I would argue.

              Wouldn't the ps2 --> wii sales demonstrate that the casual crowd isn't exactly brand loyal?

              (I'm not saying that ps2 was only for casuals or anything similarly stupid. But I know a bunch of people who had one just for games like singstar)

            You suspect wrong as usual. Nintendo ensures stock was readily available at launch and the month after for the Wii U. That means anyone wanting to buy the console could buy it during its first month. The ps3 and 360 drip fed their supply mainly to fool people to that they were 'always sold out'. However at the end of the day TOTAL sales tell the REAL story. Not the fanboy skewed out of context nonsense some people are peddling. What if the ps3 and 360 had enough stock in the first month of launch, guess what it would be in worse shape then the Wii U is now, but thanks to the drip fed supply constraint deception people are of some misguided opinion that the ps3 and 360s first few months were amazing. Reality, Wii U is doing fine, atm its slow thanks to no new games but it will improve with more games on the horizon. To put it into context

            For the first 3-4 months the Wii U has sold approx 1.0 million consoles a month (roughly 3 million)
            For first 12 months the ps3 and 360 sold roughly 0.5 million consoles a month (roughly 5.7 million)

            Of course the Wii U hasnt had a full year and its current sales have nose dived, however it has over 9 months to improve sales, and with more games hitting the system in the coming months it should have decent momentum till the end of the year. Next year the Wii U should be a much better year for the Wii U.

            The xbox outsold the Gamecube. So if thats your argument the 360 should have outsold the Wii which it clearly didnt. Loyalty is not a factor here.

            Bottom line. Wii U sales are currently poor but still good compared to its competitors launches. Lets not jump to conclusions so early in the consoles life. Give it a year. It took a year before the ps3 and 360 really took off. The Wii U should not be treated any differently.

              Its shocking to see some logic on here. Baffling really.

              And sale will pick up when we see a new Zelda/Mario Kart game which means consoles will sell which then means 3rd party games which leads to more sales. You would swear this console is at the end of its life cycle and is on the drip and dying the way people are going on about it.

                I think that is the point, poor launch titles. It doesn't matter how good the hardware/experience is if there are no games to play. Until they get some good Zelda/Mario Kart/Mario games it will do poorly, even then, they had better be freaking amazing.

              Your being disingenuous by averaging out the sales by month. The concern is the trend, which has seen a massive drop-off.

              Sort of off-topic - my dream console is basically a powerful Nintendo machine with third-party support. Kind of a return to the SNES. I don't think the wii U is that machine.

        wait what? that makes no sense. the 360 was the first of last gen as well.

      Have you seen how the sales have nosedived after month 2? Months one and two were 400K+ sales, and months 3 and 4 have been well under 100K.

        They could have constrained supply and dripped fed retailers to give the impressing of selling out (like ps3 and 360)....

        However even when Nintendo does the right thing and ensure supply they still get panned by commentators for low sales driven by lack of new software

          lol wow...that's about as desperate fanboyism as it gets.

            Lame, you label facts as fanboyism? You are clearly mistaken on the meaning.

              They could have constrained supply and dripped fed retailers to give the impressing of selling out (like ps3 and 360)

              Remind me when the use of the word "could" became a fact? Especially without any evidence.

              You have nothing to prove Nintendo have constrained supply to give the impression of selling out, you guessed. Regardless of this, even if they did do it, it still proves it is selling horribly. This tactic makes no sense and only would further prove demand is low.

                I still see no-one claiming anything as fact or that anyone said nintendo did this - if the above reply is what you are referring too.

                  He said they could have withheld and then when replying to my laughing at his fanboyism he said they were facts.

                They COULD have held back on units
                HOWEVER they did not hold back on units and still get shit from people.
                I do not know how to make it simpler.

                Don't even bother Cayal I had several conversations with Terrak before the Wii U was launched he is a mindless fanboy. Unable to face the evidence in front of him. I discussed with him then that bad marketing, launch timing and underwelming tech would be devastating his response Nintendo saved the industry and has innovated in the past so they can't fail.

                I really hope Nintendo can keep the Wii U viable despite it's flawed marketing because the last thing the industry needs atm is less competion and more kinect games. Wind Waker HD was a great reveal I didn't see that coming. One thing in the Wii U's favour is the Xbox 3 has some of the worst rumours possible for a console if even a few are true, the next Xbox will be garbage. The Playstation 4 looks solid though.

                  Hahahah evidence? What evidence are you talking about? You think because someone upvotes you thats evidence? Lame. Every one i argue against has slithered away with their tails between their legs after the links, evidence and logic i have presented them with. You must be living in Lala land. Mindless fanboy? You wish. Note i only come out when the Nintendo Naysayers are around. Last couple of weeks or months with no Nintendo news i havent commented. A fanboy would be all over any shred of news but i merely comment when people are being negative without being constructive. You should check the definition before using the word

                  Case in point people have been saying the Wii U is doomed to fail because it is currently selling less then the psp vita. But that is not correct. The psp vita sold about 4 million in a year. Talk to me in 12 months if the Wii U is doing the same as the vita.

                  I dont know where i disagreed that the Wii U advertising or marketing. I thought the advertisements has been crap so i dont know what your smoking. Compared to the Wii's upbeat and inviting ads the Wii U ones are tacky and cringe worthy. Its probably one of the reasons why it hasnt created alot of buzz. No where have i said the advertising campaign for Wii U has been great.

                  Launch time? I cant see having a full year head start as a disadvantages. It gives time for the console to mature its userbase and we all know the second year is when the real stuff for any console happens. First years for any console (except some like the Wii ) are always slow so getting over that hurdle before the next 2 consoles come out is anything but a disadvantage.

                  It may have underwhelming tech but it is affordable. You want cutting edge get a PC. The ps4 and 720 will easily be outdated in a few months thanks to PC hardware advancement that improves every couple of months whereas consoles have to last 5 years. I dont know how Nintendo alone is responsible for this its a problem that all consoles have. Sure the graphics will be better on ps4 and 720 but in 2-3 years time pc graphics tech will also leave them for dead so while Wii U will be dragging graphics down eventually so will the other 2 next gen consoles.

                  Every one i argue against has slithered away with their tails between their legs after the links, evidence and logic i have presented them with.

                  I suspect people just stop arguing with you because you are relentlessly annoying and seemingly unable to realise how wrong you are.

                  The facts are this:

                  Wii U sales have dived after strong sales.
                  Nintendo have cut their sales forecast. By ALOT.

                  This is fact, it can be proven. I really can't be bothered proving it to you because you'll just laugh them away and compare it to the Vita again (which isn't exactly a great comparison considering the Vita isn't selling well either).

                  This alone proves it is not selling well, and not selling as well as Nintendo hoped for. You can compare it to the launches of last-gen consoles and pretend that is relevant but the reality is in Nintendo's actions and the sales.

                  Deal with it.

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          I can tell you now that Nintendo have not constrained supply.

            Who said that they did?

              They could have constrained supply and dripped fed retailers to give the impressing of selling out (like ps3 and 360)....

              If you looked above, you'd see who suggested it.

                Perhaps we have different interpretations of the meaning of this word. Though I feel it is you who should look above.
                If you read the comment again perhaps you may comprehend it. At no time was it stated that Nintendo HAD, DID, WAS or IS artificially constraining supply. The word was COULD. The comment continues with the word HOWEVER and gives a statement saying that Nintendo actually did the right thing.
                So instead of being a smug - I urge you to grab both a dictionary and some hubris AND LOOK ABOVE.

                  No need to be a smart arse. I know exactly what he meant, and exactly as he was saying, Nintendo could have constrained supply. I was simply saying that no, they haven't. He came up with a possible reasoning, and I dispelled it.

                  I never implied that he said they definitely did, I said he suggested it. I was just filling him in on the facts, which are 100% that Nintendo aren't restricting supply. In fact retailers are having to give sharp discounts to get rid of them.

                  Funnily enough he is now claiming this as fact, so your smart arse response may be premature.

                  @benj - Actually, you did say that he had suggested that Nintendo had constrained supply. I do not want to give you a lesson in either semiotics or grammar, however, I urge you to LOOK ABOVE at both my question and your reply. Further, your use of the word "suggested" DOES imply that "he said they definitely did". Finally, judging from your most recent reply, you still seem to be confused. HE IS SAYING THAT THEY DID NOT CONSTRAIN SUPPLY. There was no 'possible reasoning' to dispell. Again, the use of the words COULD and HOWEVER mean that HE IS SAYING NINTENDO DID NOT CONSTRAIN SUPPLY. Which means that you still do not know "exactly what he meant, (sic) and exactly as he way saying".
                  P.S. - Just to be a smart arse - a comma should not be followed by the word AND.

      How much does the Wii U cost compared to the 360 and, especially, the PS3 at launch? This is a low-priced console designed to appeal to the mass-market from day 1, just like the Wii was. The PS3 and 360 launched at much higher prices targeting the hardcore gamer market at launch, content to leave the more casual market until later when the price dropped lower.

      The Wii had enormous mass market popularity among the casual side of the market - people who didn't usually play games much if at all. When it launched it was all over the mainstream media, it was the hot product of the time. The Wii U has been out since November but even at launch there was pretty much zero buzz about it, either in the mainstream media or even in the dedicated gaming media. In 2013 all those casual people that made the Wii a success are now playing with iPads and the like, they're not interested in Wii U. So all that seems to be left are the core of long-time Nintendo fans who will buy it for the Marios, Zeldas, Metroids, etc - and even many of them seem to be holding off until those games are actually released. But we've already seen with the GameCube that that audience isn't enough.

      It's actually rather interesting, I think at this point even the most fanatical Nintendo fan has to be inkling that something is going wrong. Sure the Wii U did gangbuster sales in the first few months it was on sale. . . then as people have already noted, the console has effectively flatlined. I think most gamers would be aware of these two figures (or heard them tossed around when talking about the Wii U): 57,000 and 64,000, these are the sales figures for the Wii U in the US for January and February respectively, people have said the only console that has had sales figures that low (particularly January) was the GameCube post announcement of the Wii, that means the PS3, during the whole 'nogaems', '599 USDOLLARS' period was still able to sell more units in the US than the Wii U.

      and it's not just the US, recently in Japan the Wii U has been routinely outsold by both the PSP and PS VITA. . .

      Not to mention a few months ago (I think January) Nintendo downsized projected global sales figures of the Wii U (by I think April or EoFY) down from 8 million to 3.5 million, that seems quite a drop until you realise that it is heavily rumoured that at the time they made this downgrade, the Wii U had already sold 3 million units globally. . . so Nintendo was antipating that the Wii U would only sell half a million units globally for the first 4 months of 2013. . . at the very least, and given sales figures one could make a case that they won't even achieve that projection. . .

      As for the Need for Speed: Most Wanted U reference in the article, the same thing happened to me, pre-ordered a copy from my local EB Games and when the game was released. . . nearly half a year after being released on every other console, I found out EB only purchased the copy they knew they'd sell from their supplier. . . mine. I went in a few days later for the MH3U launch and saw a sign telling people that the first 'shipment' had been 'pre-ordered out' it made me wonder, did they really sell out the first shipment, or did they simply only order as many copies as people pre-ordered. . .

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      No it's not.

      It's even selling below Gamecube levels in botht eh US and Japan.

      Hey Samurai, sorry to say but sales of both PS3 and Xbox360 are still more than the WiiU console. I own a franchised gaming store and see via interstore sales that volumes of WiiU are poor.
      I do think its poor sales are mostly due to a poor release slate and missing some great first party Nintendo product both on release but also by not releasing new 1st party games in quick succession since release. Why didn't Nintendo start working on getting a Zelda game out within months of releasing the console!

    All they need for me to buy one is a new 3D Mario game (Galaxy or other) and a new LoZ. I didn't want to take the risk on their launch titles.

      What they actually need to do is announce a game for one of their big first party IPs that doesn't suck.

      Look at the PS4, its only been announced and already 2 of their biggest IPs are lined up for launch titles. Nintendo haven't even talked about a new Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Smash Bros, etc.

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        umm... yes; yes they have. 3d Mario and Mario Kart are playable at e3 with 'screens' (So likely an announcement trailer at the very least) of Super Smash as well - not to mention all the OTHER games they've announced for it during the nintendo directs.

          "we are working on these games" the does not equal announced, of course they are working on these games, it would be illogical to think they weren't. No screens/titles/release date means not announced, people are not going to buy a console on the promise of an announcement

            I hate to say it but yes people do. How many people bought a ps2 JUST for a new final fantasy, a dragon quest, metal gear etc etc how many people bought the 360 for Halo? Also Nearly every Nintendo fan will buy a nintendo console for an established series. People will buy a new Nintendo console/handheld because they KNOW that there's going to be a new zelda, a new mario a new kart, new pokemon and new smash bros.

              That's funny because clearly people are not buying the console on the promise of these titles, otherwise we would not have articles about how poorly it is selling would we? The industry and the consumer has changed by leaps and bounds since the ps2 days, people are less trusting and clearly not willing to blindly jump in on the promise of a game.

                I'm not saying LOTS of people will buy day one on the hopes of a game but there are some people who still do, for all 3 next gen consoles. Although I do agree with you that there's going to be a lot less people doing so this gen (especially those who are still waiting for ff versus 13 and kh3).

                You do have to admit though that a lot of the articles are due to
                a) Its Nintendo and there are a LOT of people who are nay sayers and love to predict doom and gloom in general about Nintendo and how they "should just go 3rd party already like Sega since they can't keep up with Sony and Microsoft" whilst ignoring that Nintendo has over 10 Billion US essentially in cash plus what they have in capital and everything else (which is about another 5 Billion or so at least)

                b) The industry has a short memory about just how bad launch's generally are (although I'm not denying I'd have really liked to be playing pikmin or w101 by now)and nobody really wants to draw the line and say "the global economy is still tanking, people aren't buying these luxury items (which let's be fair, they are), and due to the same thing occurring for all 3 hardware releases of this gen (3ds, Vita and Wii U) it's going to be a miracle if Sony and Microsoft have any better of a launch.

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    You had to preorder Gamecube games? I guess I was in the habit of doing it, but I remember getting most things I wanted.

    There you go.

      Yeah, I don't get that either. Maybe it was just a WA thing or something :P

      I was always all over the latest releases, and had no trouble finding them in stores.

        I remember missing PN5 but I saw it on shelves and didn't grab it because I didn't realise Mario Kart was out and bought that instead.

      Anything that wasn't from Capcom, even from EB - had to preorder. It was a common thing among the community back in the day.

        Yeah I never hit this vooks? The only game I actually remember taking pre-orders or you would never receive it was Twilight Princess. I never pre-ordered anything and picked all my games up launch week off the shelf.

        Yeah - sorry I never had to pre-order either. Used to just walk into kmart or toys r us pick the games off the shelf.

        I don't think I ever bought anything very obscure. And I pre-ordered a lot back then :)

    EB already seems to have pulled out of the Vita market around here.

      And the Vita is outselling the Wii U at the moment, which doesn't bode well for the Wii U. Especially when the PS4 and XBox-whatever turn up later this year and start jostling for that shelf space.

        Sony just announced 100 new Vita titles in 2013.
        That wouldn't include PSP & PSone but does include ports of PS3 & indie games.

        Utter nonsense as usual. The Wii U has sold 3 million in 3-4 months its basically caught up to Vitas full first year sales. Guess what the Wii U has yet to get any new titles until late March too so sales are gonna suffer thanks to no new software. As the library improves so will sales.

        Vita beating the Wii U is TO BE EXPECTED, not a surprise. It is a full year older then it and has a bigger library.

          It's done 2.7 million in 4 - 5 months.

            And about 2.2 million of those were in November / December last year.

              WTF? Where did you get these sales figures?

              With sales of Vita hovering around the 4 million mark worldwide, it’s impossible not to acknowledge that Vita’s sales must improve markedly for it to be viable long-term to Sony and, just as importantly, the publishers that are expected to bring games to the handheld. PlayStation Portable, considered a success at retail, has sold roughly 75 million units in about eight years on the market, or more than 9 million per year since release. Vita lags significantly behind PSP, which itself was trounced by Nintendo’s DS (just as 3DS is trouncing Vita). At this rate, Vita’s sales are on pace for 32 million sold over an identical eight-year period, and the math used to arrive at that sum is generous. The numbers speak for themselves


              According to the article from IGN the vita has sold roughly 4 million consoles as of Jan 2013 (look at the date of the article). It launched in December 2011 according to Wikipedia. Thats just over a full year. TO sell approx 4 million consoles.

              So per month it averaged 0.3 million consoles sold
              Wii U is currently closer to 1.0 million consoles sold per month.

              Why are you talking like they have the same sales, when clearly they (currently) do not.

                Talking bout the Wii U selling 2.7 in 4-5 months (November)

        Yeah but by then we will also have seen and have a hell load more games on shelf worth picking up. And right now we only know the PS4 will launch in one country this year. Nintendo could potentially still have all this year to itself in the US/UK/AUS.

        And that's great! But what about the PS4 games? We have seen a few announced but how many are going to make launch? There is a lot of factors here that could swing either console either way.

        I have no doubt Sony fully intends to do whatever it can to change that though. And the successor to the 360? I expect to see it at E3 but I don't think MS will launch it this year. Early next year.

          Not really. The reason that most people haven't bought into the Wii U has been precisely because of these consoles. Anybody who hasn't bought a Wii U does not regard it as a next-gen console. Hence the waiting for Sony and Microsoft's hardware.

    They need to drop the price. I am hanging to get get one but it just seems overpriced atm.

    Nintendo launched way too early and didn't market the console well enough to distinguish it from a Wii nor make gamers care enough to buy one. Simple as that. Being innovative with the Game Pad is all well and good, but pointless when there's a dearth of "real" games to show off the possibilities and innovations. Wii was simple, "oh wow, dude on screen is swinging racquet when I am" and voila, money rolls in. Wii U, stupid name aside, "so what's the point of this tablet controller thing?"

    EDIT: not to mention they just can't shake off the perception that as soon as PS4 and Xboxwhatever comes out, Wii U is obsolete tech wise, thus rendering it once again as a shovel ware console while all the 3rd parties publish on the other two.

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      Well if rumours are true and Microsoft is planning to have both an always-online requirement for their next console and have it so you can't play your games off the disk, and have to install them onto the drive with a one use only code, thus rendering selling them used obsolete. . . it would be highly likely that Microsoft would end up shooting their own console in the foot, and could very easily find themselves coming last this generation. . .

      I for one, for the benefit of competition hope these rumours end up not being true

        If those rumours are true, my bet is Microsoft could lose the 8th gen by a considerable amount. Maybe even lose to the Wii U. Even though I'm not keen for the Playstation 4, it's got buzz around it and could return Sony back to the golden age of the original playstation and the Playstation 2.

          Considerable margin would be putting it mildly. Disregarding the US market, here in Australia this move would alienate both EB Games and to a lesser extent JB Hifi, not to mention the literal plethora of boutique game stores and pawn shops that dabble in the sale of used games. Because of the centrality of the sale of used games in their business strategy, EB Games could quite easily simply refuse to stock the Durango/720, if the biggest games retailer refuses to stock your console, you'd be at a disadvantage no-one would be able to recover from.

          As well as this, the notion of always online DRM is absurd in a console. . . the slim benefits of such a move would make for the company simply would not be worth the disadvantages to the user base. All a banal move like that would accomplish is give EA some competition for the Worst Company in America Award. . .

          At the moment this generation seems to be as playing out like this: Nintendo has shot themselves in the foot, Microsoft is rumoured to be contemplating blowing their legs off. . . and Sony seems to be playing it safe. Sony is not in a very good place financially but if everything goes as rumoured, their competition almost appears to be given them this generation on a silver platter, Social integration or not. . .

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    Better to mirror the Gamecube than the Dreamcast I guess.

    I knew the name would kill it for Nintendo. Too confusing for consumers. Oh well, as long as they have a couple of good Mario and Zelda games.

    We should all just wait and see how well the PS4 and 720 sell. The world is a much different place than it was in 05/06. People are more conscious of there money.

    That, and Iwata has staked his career that the next fiscal year for Nintendo will be a success. Any one wonder why games suddenly started hitting shelves in March....the same month the Japanese fiscal year begins? CEOs aren't stupid, they know how to play the game.

      I personally think the "Durango" and PS4 will see the same reaction Wii U saw. The majority of people will feel burnt out by the super long lifespans of the PS3 and 360, endless sequels, prequels, spin-offs and now reboots, and like you said, there's the fact that it's not 2006 anymore. Things have changed alot. The Wii U's $350 USD pricetag in America had everyone up in arms. If people won't drop $350 USD/$430 AUD on a console, what would make them want to drop $450-$500 USD/$600-$650 AUD on one? Back in 2006, I paid $650 for an Xbox 360 20GB model. Now that we've been in recession for the past 5 years and are teetering on the once again thanks to Greece, $650 for a "Durango" or PS4 will be a very, very, very, very hard sell for me.

    Advertising would help, the masses don't even know about the Wii U

    For me there were 2 factors:

    1) There were no launch titles I even remotely care about.
    2) Its region locked, as a result I'm waiting to see what the chances are that games I do want will be released in a timely manner in Australia, before I decide if I want to import a US console instead of getting an Australian one.

    The release lag of stuff for the 3DS which has inclined gems like a 2 month delay for a first party title like Fire Emblem:Awakening and well over 6 months for Devil Survivor: Overclocked. The Tales of the Abyss 3D release also didn't impress me much, that was actually released earlier here than in the US but it was a JB Hi-Fi exclusive and half the stores didn't have it in stock and the ones that did frequently didn't know they did. Given that I'm thinking this was a good decision. Importing definitely looks like a good option. And it'll probably be cheaper even with express post on top. If Nintendo of Australia wants me to support them having a presence here I suggest they start doing something.

      Nintendo of Australia aren't even allowed to run their own rewards program. . . I wouldn't expect them to do anything anytime in the near future. . .

    IMO naming a console so similarly to the previous generation which, for all the people I know (and myself included) who bought it pretty much only used it for a month or two before leaving it to gather dust.

    I want a Nintendo console without Nintendo games being the staple diet.

      I'm yet to see a strong reason not to call it the "Wii 2".

      Seriously, you were one character wrong Nintendo.

    i'm definitely waiting, and i think a lot of other people are too - i remember that the PS3 had a bit of a shaky start, and some other consoles have as well...

    one of my favourite consoles of all time is the N64, and it was by and large overshadowed by the PS1, but to my mind it possesses some of the best games ever made! so to me, i'm actually not worried about whether or not a console succeeds commercially because it always has a chance to do so critically. look at gears of war! it basically drives X360 sales, but it's the most mindless series of games ever!

    I played a wii U in a store the other day. Mario was awesome but you could see pixelation pretty damn easy. I can understand that they like to focus on fun and making it a group/social console, but leaving the graphics shit like that is really costing them points with me. maybe they need to grow up a little and stop being so ... japanese :P

    sucked in
    they lost the plot with the Gamecube with Motion controllers...oh sorry, the Wii.

    The Wiiu is just an unfinished concept that was thrown out of door because sales were down on the Wii. It has no identity no real purpose for gaming and does not invent or re invent anything that already exist. and if Nintendo is thinking that the "Miis" are gonna be the next best thing after Mario they need to come down from kiddie land back to earth. Kids don't even like the blasted Mii's and its the same for adults. so what is the purpose of having them around?? Also, did the same as the comment above, I have gone to EB and try the Wiiu just to realize the only thing you could play is Mario and Rayman which do not demonstrate how the controller can be used. I mean, have Nintendo land at least as a demo if you want people to understand what the Wiiu does! But anyway I have played Rayman and honestly playing with Two screen is absolutely confusing and does not feel natural at all. You always have to have a message on the TV screen saying something like: " look at the Game pad screen"now", then look at the TV then again the game pad ect... come on! I am not a chameleon and my eyes cannot look at two things in the same time. After 2 minutes of nonsense play I walked out of the shop.

    Here's the problem, to my mind.

    If you didn't have a Wii, you probably aren't going to pick up a Wii U, right? There's nothing about the Wii U that's especially revolutionary, they're not particularly cheap, and it's not worth going to a new console "just because" with the PS4 and Durango around the corner.

    If you did have a Wii, you're in one of three camps:
    -you bought it because it was a fad, and now it's gathering dust. No reason to buy a Wii U.
    -you bought it for the kids or just as a general game device. This much later, the kids have grown up, or they're still happy with the Wii, or you've got an iPad now and you just play games on that. No strong reason to buy a Wii U.
    -you bought it because you're a console person, and the Wii was the one for you. There's barely any games for the Wii U, it's not leaps and bounds ahead of the Wii technologically, and the new gamepad thing hasn't really been used to its full potential. You're only really going to upgrade to a Wii U if there's a game that's exclusive to it that you desperately want to play, and there aren't really any of those yet.

    There are very few reasons at this point for anyone to buy a Wii U, on top of the fact that it's barely been advertised at all.

    just had a look at the sales volumes of the wii u during the same launch window periods of the ps3 and x360, and from the looks of things, it's actually not selling (globally) altogether that badly!



    I bought my WiiU on an incredibly brain-devoid impulse when my 4 year old daughter said she wanted a game night. By game night she meant 4 year old games like Hide N Seek and lets clean up all the crap I threw on the floor. But my wife and I had had a bad day and thought "fuggit", lets buy this for her and us.

    No games! I enjoyed the demo of ZombieU but can't convince myself to enjoy it enough to go out and buy it. I am using the Your Shape Fitness Evolved program a few times a week which I enjoy but that's where my use of it goes so far. My daughter has made about 30 Wii characters and enjoys Nintendoland (which I've played a couple times and like but not enough to justify the purchase).

    When I read that there will be a new Zelda/Mario/Metroid game coming I get somewhat excited but how long can Nintendo rest on the pre-existing fanbase of those games to sell the console? The gamepad concept is cool and I'm sure in a year there will be something worth buying but as with every Nintendo purchase since the N64, my hopes are not high - but it hasn't stopped me buying the consoles. Idiot.

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