Kid Racks Up $2400 Debt While Playing Online Game

A mother got shafted with a whopper credit card bill after her son racked up charges playing an online game, Asahi News reported earlier today.

The teen pestered his mum to let him play an online game (Asahi doesn't specify which). The junior high student and his mum made an agreement that he'd only play the free-to-play bit.

However, the kid got really hooked and began shelling out for in-game items, racking up a credit card bill of ¥240,000 ($2400). "I didn't know they cost real money," the teen was quoted as saying. Well, yeah.

The mum apparently consulted with her local consumer affairs bureau to figure out what she should do. Hint: Don't enter your credit card information in online games!

オンラインゲームのトラブル急増 中学生に24万円請求 [朝日新聞デジタル]

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    The child is straight up lying about not knowing and needs a boot up his ass. You are told by your parent to only access the free-to-play areas of the game and at the age where you can be called a teenager, you know when clicking something will cost IRL coin.
    The mother also needs the boot for being yet another parent getting dicked over by their own stupidity, and make no mistake, in this day and age where similar reports to the tune of over $2000 appear every other week, you have nobody but yourself to blame (and maybe your child if he fleeces you of $2500 when they know full well what they are doing).

      Yep, the kid's lying. Kids that age like to act dumb when something bad happens, but 95% of the time it's just an act. There's no way he wouldn't have known. As for the mum, well I wouldn't necessarily blame her ....putting trust in your own kid that they won't steal from you and royally screw you is fair enough ....problem is she was wrong.

        I'll concede that I blame the parent a little more than is deserved but also consider that they are informed enough to know the whole Free to play, pay to win cycle of online gaming, proved when they told their child to stay away from the paid services. Things would be different if it were a 62yo grandmother though.

    Not too late to get an abortion.
    Seconded kids lying.
    How did the game get the credit card info, had to have been added in.
    Can't feel sorry for people like that...

    I hope the debt gets laid on him - I hope his mother forces him to work to pay it off, or sells some of his stuff. There is absolutely no way he could be literate enough to enter the credit card info, yet not know it cost real money. He's obviously pretending.

    I'm sick of teengers being treated with kid gloves. When I was a teenager, I knew right from wrong. I knew the laws. I knew much of what I know now, and most people my age did as well. 99% of the time, when a teenager tells you that "they didn't know it was wrong" or "they didn't know the consequences" or "they didn't think it through" - they're lying. Teenagers most often DO know when they're doing something wrong or dangerous - they just don't think they'll get caught or that they'll suffer consequences.

    We're getting to the stage where some parents and judges are trying to excuse the bad behaviour of TWENTY YEAR OLDS by saying "oh, but look at what a young person they are!". As far as I'm concerned, once you're older than 14, you're generally smart enough to know what's right and wrong.

      Don't you have a lawn you need to be telling kids to get off of?

    Uhh, I don't understand.. If she said free-to-play only, why the hell would she give him her CC?

      What if she didn't and her son did the deed himself? All it takes is for her to leave her purse/wallet alone somewhere (she being busy with something or another) and him with the knowledge of knowing where she leaves it.

    if only they had doli incapax as a defence for this sort of thing...

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