Kingdom Hearts Re-released, In What Marketers Are Calling Glorious HD

Fans are still crying out for a proper sequel, but this'll have to do for now. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix takes three previous games in the series, remastering them in what marketers world-wide are calling 'glorious' HD, and repackaging them just for you, dear reader. It's all for you. Yes, you.

But you probably knew this already. This is just a new trailer and for folks that love the series, it's a tear jerker. Time to get those nostalgia blinkers on!

As good as Kingdom Hearts is and was, I get the feeling this package may be 'for the fans'. It hits stores in Spring, bundling Kingdom Hearts Final Mix with Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days in an exclusive package that'll have some drooling, and others wondering why games in this series have such esoteric names.


    You know, I would've thought Disney of all entertainment companies could get a hold of better voice actors.

      This trailer is a complete re-make of the Japanese one released last year at TGS. So the trailer was designed to feature some of the best voice acting in Japanese not English. That's why some of the lines sound a bit off (eg. leon/squall)

        The Kingdom Hearts VA has always been awful because they cast popular actors (at the time) for all the roles. So now this 2013 re-release is unadulterated early-2000s zeitgeist, packed with the who's who of washed up actors such as 'Sixth Sense Kid,' '7th Heaven Teen' and Billy Zane.

    Sixth sense kid... cringe.
    Thanks for the heads up.

    Why the hell isn't KH2 included in this remastered collection? Square Enix have gone bonkers.

      oh, no, you'll be buying that next year with 2's HD Re:MIX (ridiculously stupid number +2, pending)
      hell, just this is worth it; Final Mix didn't leave Japan, and Re:Chain of Memories didn't hit PAL. the 358/2 Days movie i could care less for.

    It's a mixed bag, depending on (like always) is the VA. Generally the Disney characters are great, the FF characters are awful and the original characters are mixed (the most important ones are good).

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