Korean Pro Gamer Flash Has Deep Rituals When It Comes To StarCraft II

Korean Pro Gamer Flash Has Deep Rituals When It Comes To StarCraft II

Among other Korean pros, legendary Brood War player Flash — already switched over to and having great success in StarCraft II — attended MLG Winter last weekend.

He is usually considered to be playing the game on a wholly different level — and this video, showing him measuring the placement of the keyboard in his booth, with a ruler no less, just further proves that.

Flash Measures his keyboard placement [YouTube]


  • He’s been doing this for years. Adjust the keyboard spacing, the mouse bungee and a swig of Pocari Sweat between games. It’s only partially ritualistic since they require their setup in a booth to exactly mimic their personal practice loadout.

    Real pros also use cheap, durable QSENN rubber dome keyboards, not the gaudy ‘gamer’ models with mechanical switches and LEDs. Even the ones sponsored by the TT etc.

      • I use a Mechanical Keyboard too (Leopold Tenkeyless) but mostly because I type a lot. There’s this attitude out there that it’s mechanical or go home which is complete bullshit. The absolute best progamers use the most mundane equipment around.

        Just look at that list, just about everyone who uses a ‘gaming keyboard’ is a foreigner (non-korean) unless they’re sponsored by Razer or Zowie. A switch keyboard has almost no effect on whether you do better or not, it’s just personal preference.

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