Korea's Best Cosplayers Take On StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm

Cosplay collective Spiral Cats brought their talents to the recent StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm launch in South Korea.

Back when Blizzard's Diablo III launched in South Korea, Spiral Cats was also on hand at the event, showing off its latest cosplay creations.

"I believe that we can project our love for the character that we cosplay through our pictures," Spiral Cats leader Tasha previously told Kotaku.

"However, just because we love our characters and work doesn't necessarily result in pictures that everyone can appreciate. You must analyse and understand the character to be able to justify your own interpretation."

Two of the fellas holding the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm placards were those who lined up three days early for Heart of the Swarm. Guess it was worth it!

[군단의 심장]스파이럴캣츠, "칼날여왕 코스프레는 새로운 도전이었다" [Fomos] 군단의 심장 행사장을 찾은 미녀 삼총사... 스파이럴 캣츠 코스프레 사진 모음 [Inven] http://news.danawa.com/netizen/News_Netizen_View.php?&nSeq=2331720&nBoardSeq=190 [DaNaWa — Thanks Sang!]


    One on the right looks good... dunno wtf the one on the left is trying to be???

      the Left is Sarah Kerrigan after the artifact in wings dezergified her. The middle is Kate Lockwell, the Reporter for Dominion News Network, and the right is Nova

        One on the left looks nothing like her.

    Not even close to having DAT ASS to pull these off.

    The one in the middle is the only one who got "dat ass", anyway i wonder why tasha didnt cosplayed that kerrigan, that nova cosplay was cosplayed by the one in the middle, and tasha was the one using the other cosplay, she looked way better.

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