Life After Final Fantasy Sure Seems Normal For This Character

You know the story: Rough, wild individual settles down. Gets a job. Turns into a boring member of society. It doesn't just happen to regular people. It also apparently happens to Japanese roleplaying characters.

You have to grow up and move on! You can't be in Japanese roleplaying games forever! (Technically you can.) With the Final Fantasy X HD trailer hitting recently, now is a good time to take a look at the life of one of its characters, Wakka. He primarily appears in two games, Final Fantasy X and FFX-2. However, Wakka does show up in the Kingdom Hearts games.

The below fan-created image shows what happened to Wakka: he apparently became a Japanese salaryman, got old and, um, died. The last image is Wakka's "iei" (遺影); these are the photos of the deceased displayed at funerals in Japan.

It's a journey that many people take. Minus the appearing in Final Fantasy games, of course.

ワッカの人生 [ふたば保管庫]


    I don't think so...

    awesome! lol i can't wait for the HD edition!

    He wore his green-trimmed-shoulder-pad-thing 'till the day he died. Guess you can't completely take the game out of the player.

    Last edited 26/03/13 9:32 am

      I thought it was the top of a building behind him?

        Nope. I don't know what the hell you'd call that thing, but it's clothing.

          Heh, you're right. I remeber that inneffectual shoulder pad now.


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