Live-Action Patlabor In The Works

Debuting in 1988, Patlabor spawned a bunch of manga, anime and video games. Next year, it is getting a live-action version.

"Patlabor" is short for "patrol labor" and follows police in the near future who use mecha. The franchise was co-created by Mamoru Oshii, the highly influential anime filmmaker.

It's unclear if Oshii will be helming this. It's also unclear whether this "live-action" Patlabor will be a TV series or a feature film. I'm guessing a feature film.

The teaser site does say "Next Generation" in the URL, so there's that. Hope that doesn't mean it's going to be some mopey teenage drama.

Patlabor Next Generation [Official Site]


    The original Patlabor movie is such a classic anime. I'm looking forward to more police stories intermixed with some giant mecha!

    Love me some Patlabor !!
    Speaking of which, does anyone know the name of an old song, where the film clip uses clips of Patlabor 2 ?? Links please !!

      Do you mean this?

        Thanks for the link Zeruel, my search for this unknown song continues.
        My search did bring me across this link, bud sadly this aint the one.

        Although, this song was in the MK soundtrack yeah ?

    ...HELL YEAH!
    patlabor 1 was awesome!

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