LocoCycle Looks Like A Little Bit Of Knight Rider, A Little Bit Of Spy Hunter

When Microsoft showed off a glimpse of Twisted Pixel's upcoming game at E3 last year, I hoped that it would be a spiritual descendant of Road Rash. Now we get a look at actual gameplay, it looks more like a funny fusion in the vein of man-and-machine buddy comedies like Short Circuit.

A level from LocoCycle will be on display at PAX East, so, if you're going to the Boston-based show, you'll get to see more of the next game from the creators of ‘Splosion Man and The Gunstringer.


    That looks like something from the ps2 / gamecube era.

    I watched the vids of this and it looks pretty damn fun.

    @James Mac, it's an arcade game dude.

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