Look, It's A Mod That Makes Skyrim More Like Far Cry 3

How would this joke go? It's like Far Cry 3 but with magic? It's like Skyrim but with Skyrim? It's like Skyrim with guns but without guns? Lord, I don't even know.

Regardless, check out this "Tropical Skyrim" mod by Soolie — which, like the name suggests, rehauls the climate in Skyrim into a tropical paradise. Actually, with this, you can have jungle, deserts, beaches, bamboo forests, volcanic areas — and each of these comes with new animals and new weather. New monsters too!

Specific details:

New Areas:

The tundra area has been converted into a desert with small amounts of vegitation. I have Also added sandstorms to this area.

The costal areas have been given new life, they now feature warm sands and shady palms.

The pine forest has been changed into a dense jungle. Featuring giant palms + many more types of foliage.

The snowy areas of skyrim have been changed quite a lot. After much thought I decided to change them into a grassy environment with a few aspen trees which ended up looking like the area in Oblivion around Skingrad. I have changed the snow shader which puts snow on the top of objects into a grass/moss shader, which puts grass/moss on them.

The aspen forest has been converted into a dense bamboo forest.

The Reach has also been converted into a jungle, however it has darker textures and slighly less dense trees.

The marsh area is still a marsh, only now it has brown muddy water, cattails, and jungle foliage.

I have retextured the glaciers to turn them into huge cliffs.

The volcanic tundra has been transformed into a firey wasteland with darker rocks, very small patches of lava oozing from the ground and small fires dotting the landscape

Weather/Lighting/Environment changes:

Each of the new areas has also been given new sets of weather and lighting setups (imagespace modifiers). These new lighting/weather setups give the game a real hot and humid feel. The new setups also feature stronger (and better) bloom than vanilla skyrim. Personaly i think this suits the climate however, alot of people dislike it, so i have included an optional less bloom version for those who want it.


The creatures that live in skyrim aren't really what you would expect to see in a tropical climate. So i have replaced them. :)

You will now meet the following creatures in your travels:

Pandas. — Replaces some bears Jungle Spiders. — replaces Frostbite Spiders Seals — replaces Horkers Raptors — replaces Wolves Tigers — replaces sabre cat Therium (Rino like creature) — replaces some Bear's Ape's — replaces Troll's

Some other skyrim creatures are still present (some with slightly different names) but with a retexture to make them fit the climate.

A lot of tropical birds have been added too. (you can have even more with the Birds of Skyrim mod, which has been included)

If that sounds enticing, you can download the mod here.


    OMG this is fricking awesome. Though I would love to see them create a mod that put different biomes into Skyrim. Love the Far Cry feel but would love the land of Skyrim to have different regions much more. On a more advanced level than what has been done.

    Last edited 13/03/13 4:36 pm

    Raptors? As in dinosaur type raptors? Sweeeeeeeeeeeet.

    it really is amazing just how much a different a game can look when you change its landscape. I remember seeing videos of a guy who moded WoW and changed it so that Dwarf starying area was a desert instead of snow, tanaris was a lush jungle and a full helath easten plaguelands well before burning crusade came out

    Is the final link supposed to be to a picture of a bug catcher?

      No. Kotaku just hires hacks.

    That is awesome and well done, but the Skyrim landscape was awesome.
    I'd miss it too much.

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