Macross 30 Lets You Defeat Mechs And Cyborgs Through The Power Of Rock

Macross 30 Lets You Defeat Mechs And Cyborgs Through The Power Of Rock

Macross 30: Voices Across the Galaxy is a title celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Macross series and is a crossover title between the five major Macross series: Macross, Macross Plus, Macross Zero, Macross 7 and Macross Frontier.

Of course, like all things Macross, it comes with transforming planes, love triangles and more than a little of the trademark Macross missile spam. It also has a major focus on the excellent music of Macross, with many songs from the various series appearing in the game. But more than just hearing the famous songs in the background or in concert scenes, the singers and their songs become part of your arsenal.

After you befriend each singer as the overall plot of the game progresses, you are able to have the singers ride shotgun with you. Each of their songs can be used as a special attack. The songs do everything from boosting your defence and regaining your HP to freezing your enemies in place. In other words, you can destroy your enemies thanks to the power of rock.

Check out the video above to see (and hear) these powerful songs in action.

Macross 30: Voices Across the Galaxy was released on February 28, 2013, for the PlayStation 3. There are no plans for an international release.


  • I’m a pretty decent Macross fan (back from it’s translation as Robotech well back in the day) so am a touch miffed that we never seen releases for some of the Macross franchise (such as Frontier on blu-ray/DVD in the West).

    If this game was good, would love to see a subs only release of it. looks like fun.

    • Robotech (or rather, Harmony Gold being dicks) is the reason we’ve never seen much Macross in the west, unfortunately.

      • yes, had heard that.
        some licences were issues for some releases over the years but for some reason Frontier, Zero and 7 have been totally absent from release and it seems that reprints of the Macross II and Plus have vanished.
        You can still get the subs only releases of the original Macross, Southern Cross and Ospaeda (the separate anime series that made up Robotech’s triptych story arc) from Madman if you look hard enough around Australia.

        • Yeah it’s complicated. Basically it’s a legal minefield. I’m not sure how ADV managed to get the rights to release the uncut original shows but I think they basically had to license them from Big West in Japan and Harmony Gold in the US at the same time. Then when you get to Mospeada it gets more complicated because Big West doesn’t own that.

          Also I suspect that it gets even more complex when you go to the rest of Macross because it’s so heavily music-oriented which means getting licenses for all that music from different companies too. At least with Macross Plus, it was all stuff composed by Yoko Kanno for the show itself.

          • Oh not that guff on the music of Macross again!
            All the music that I’ve seen from Macross is linked to Victor Entertainment ( – all of Yoko Kanno stuff I’ve got’s been released by them (Gits:SAC, Cowboy Bebop, Macross F) as she’s signed to them for years. I think there’s only one performer that sung in a Macross soundtrack who’s signed to another company – Sony.

            Basically Gundam has a worse state of music rights – I’ve a best of Gundam SEED album with tracks from artists across three publishers.

            If there’s an issue with music rights, it’s probably down to restriction on non-japan use.

  • Maan, Macross Plus is possibly the best cross of music & animation I have ever experienced. So well done on so many levels.

    • It’s still one of my favorites, and the YF-19 is probably my fav transforming fighter from all the series. I’ve got the 25th anniversary edition of the toy sitting in the office ^_^

      But yeah the music was great and the story was fantastic, but oh so serious 😛

      • I was a little too young to appreciate RoboTech when it aired in Australia. All I remember is Navy looking doods and the theme song.

        Macross Plus came out right around the time I was really in love with anime and I missed it. So glad I picked it up on special in a JB Hi Fi one day.

        • Heh nice. I remember watching as much robotech as I could before school (or taping it and watching it in the afternoon). As for Macross Plus, I can remember hiring out the video tapes (out of the several anime that were available in Aus :P) and having to wait ages for the last one to come out.

          It was great when I went back and watched all of Macross in chronological order! Although it’s quite a jump in animation to start from Macross Zero then go on to SDF Macross 😛

    • Plus is probably the high point because it’s very tightly focused due to length, and also happened before Shoji Kawamori went kind of nutty and started inserting weird metaphysical hippie stuff into his work everywhere (see also: Macross Zero, Arjuna, Aquarion). Also that soundtrack.

      Macross 7 has the best songs though.

        • Aquarion is pretty cool. I’d personally skip Arjuna though. There was also that one he did which basically involved robots playing street basketball and that was pretty enjoyable if a bit dumb.

          But yeah, you should see all of Macross first. DYRL especially, it’s one of the best looking hand-animated films ever IMO.

  • I’ve allways wondered why, during the height of guitar hero, Japan didn’t make a guitar hero Macross game… I mean Nekki flew his 19 with a guitar, so it could have been awesome

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