Magic: The Gathering Will Cast A Spell On Android Soon

Magic: The Gathering Will Cast A Spell On Android Soon

Magic: The Gathering — Duels of the Planeswalkers has been turned into geek Madden, each year releasing a fresh set of cards, formulating new challenges and unleashing them upon a card-collecting public that never stops wanting more. This year’s entry reaches a little further than 2013’s iOS, PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, adding Android devices to the mix and making my tapping obsession all but inescapable.

At least I can still count on Nintendo to provide me with several Magic-free zones, the Japanese company preferring to provide its own addictive card-based entertainment. On any other platform I will quickly succumb to 10 new decks, 10 new puzzle challenges and 15 new encounters.

Duels of the Planeswalkers has become my favourite way to play Magic. It’s relaxing, low-impact card gaming. 2014 comes out later this year.





  • It’s good for casual play and getting accustomed to newer cards, but that’s about it. Shockingly, the game doesn’t have an ability to allow you to construct new decks from scratch, instead forcing you to use premades with minor variation. Even Pokemon TCG let you do that.

    • I was annoyed about that too, but after reading their rationale I sort of understood why.

      The reason for forcing people to use the premade decks is to level the playing field. The idea being that you’re playing against the ‘player’ and not their ‘omgwtf those spells are too good’ cards. If everyone has access to pretty much the same deck, then the game becomes more about strategy and less about having ‘automatic I win’ decks.

      • It’s true. If you want the full deck building and metagame experience, either play MTG for real, or MTG: Online.

        That being said, is MTG: Online on Android yet?

      • That’s all well and good but the game becomes stale after a certain point because each of the decks is designed around some sort of gimmick and there’s no sideboard to speak of. The fact that you need to pay for more colours is somewhat heinous too.

        • Tend to disagree about lack of sideboard. Unlocks allow a card selection in excess of 90 so it’s actually possible to create very different style decks from same pool including for some as extreme as no creatures, all spells. MtG has always had fixed mechanics and strategy but great variety for all that. Trying to build the most effective “best deck” to beat all comers still has that deck build feel to it. There is also mention of new mode and this may well be some form of sealed draft. They will still want to maintain balance but hopefully they are listening to what the fans want re custom decks.

      • That’s what limited formats are for… If planeswalkers had draft that would be awesome. But wotc would never do that as planeswalkers is designed as a gateway drug to get people into magic so they start spending money on boosters.

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