Marvel At This Japanese Nerd Dancing

If you've ever been to an idol (virtual or real!) concert, you are familiar with Japanese nerd dancing. It's called "otagei" (オタ芸) or "wotagei" (ヲタ芸), which is short for "otaku" (geek) and "gei" (芸), which can mean "performance" in Japanese. In short, it's a bunch of geeks dancing!

Above, you can see some truly impressive geek dancing. If you are interested in picking up some moves of your own, head over to

名前のない怪物で打ったら全員怪物だったw [[email protected] via 2ch]


    I bet it looks more "otaku" without the fancy lights.

    Namae wo nai Kaibutsu! Love that song

      From Psycho Pass correct? That's at least where i recognise it from.

    They aren't that gay... I've seen sweating, gurning bears twirl around glow sticks far more impressively than this.

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