Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC Gives Commander Shepard Gets A Glorious Send-Off

The newest singleplayer add-on for Mass Effect 3 comes out this week, and it assembles characters from the previous ME games for an all-new adventure.

Here's the official description:

When a sinister conspiracy targets Commander Shepard, you and your team must uncover the truth, through battles and intrigue that range from the glamour of the Citadel's Wards to the top-secret Council Archives. Uncover the truth and fight alongside your squad — as well as the cast from the original Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, including Urdnot Wrex!


    At what point in the timeline of ME3 does this mission pop up? Looks good, just seems a bit weird having Shepard on vacation, instead of out fighting Reapers.

    PS. Just a friendly note, the title and slug have a mistake.

      Yeah, i mean Earth being raped and all and he goes house hunting??. Lol nah it's look fantastic though i can't wait, the male voice actor really stepped up his game in mass effect 3 im looking forward to playing it.

      With ME3 I'm considering most of the DLC sort of semi-What If?/Elseworlds style content. Some of it fits in while others are just things they wanted to do. They wanted to explore the Prothean mythos a little further, so they made a DLC for it. They want to do a story about Shep taking a day off, so they did it. Unlike ME2 (or ME1, but that didn't really have anything) where they were all side stories and expansions to the main game.

      I guess ME3 is harder to write a side story for. The game is all so tightly centered around the invasion that you've either got to make simple expansions for that story or just accept that what you're doing is technically canon but not full on canon like The Arrival.

      It's available after

      the Cerberus & Udina coup

      but before

      the final Illusive Man mission.

      It's still odd. Any apartment Shepard is given is tainted by the fact that we all know that

      everything - including his shiny new apartment gets blown apart when the Citadel is destroyed.

      But yeah, fanservice.

        It doesn't get destroyed in Control

    This actually looks really fun. Looking forward to it

    Personally, I find it very difficult to get excited about the ME3 DLC.

    Yes, it's due to the ending but only as far as the final messagebox that tells you thanks for playing and to continue the adventures via DLC. This comes after the 3 endings (4 if you consider the extended/extra ending - which was my favourite).

    To me it feels odd - and jarring - to continue playing after such finality in the main story.

      Same. because no matter what happens in the DLC, it'll still be for nthing because it'll be for the ending, and the main characters won't talk of it again.

      I still haven't gotten around to playing ME3 becuase I lost my ME1&2 saves and decided to start again.

      So, I'm fine with any DLC

        if you give it another year, you will possibly be spoiled by the amount of extra fanservice DLC they add in trying to connect EA's Mass Effect spinoff, to ME3,

        perhaps some kind of first person horror shooter with DLC characters and always on activation, (or is it a normal FPS and EA's DRM is the horror part...)

        i kinda envy people who haven't been exposed to the original ME3 ending, you will never know that feeling, and you will like the game a lot more.

          The ending was spoiled almost immeadietly, don't see what the big deal was.

    My save-game is right after the penultimate mission-where-you-need-to-take-EDI. Can't go to the Citadel obviously and Earth is Priority.

    Avoiding spoilers but honestly who cares about this game's spoilers at this point?

    Me I s'pose cos I haven't tried any DLC yet.

    My question is - given the state of my campaign where the status quo is changed - how do I start any of the DLC and can I?

      once you beat the game you'll get a save for before the Cerberus base, so you could still play this

    Was that a ballroom dancing scene with Garrus and Femshep? That might be just be worth my DLC money.

    - As a massive ME fanboy, i have to add the obligatory *SQUUUUUEEEEEE!*

    I wont buy any dlc until its set after the main story.

    So there isn't going to be any more SP DLC for ME3? This is 'one last mission' right?

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