Metal Gear Solid V Is Official

Metal Gear Solid V Is Official

Just announced at the Game Developers Conference by Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima himself… the next Metal Gear Solid. Metal Gear Solid V was officially revealed with an amazing trailer running in real time on the studio’s new FOX engine. The game was running on a PC build, Kojima said, not saying which consoles this will be on.

The trailer opens with what appears to be Snake, hero of the long-running third-person stealth-action series, falling into a coma. Doctors struggle to revive him. But then it switched to show what looked like an old Snake shooting people from a helicopter.

The footage we saw combined material from the Phantom Pain stealth Metal Gear trailer and the Metal Gear Ground Zeroes trailer.

What’s it all add up to?

“FOX vs. XOF”

Metal Gear Solid V.

Snake’s been in a coma for nine years. Kojima said that Snake’s movement is constrained because of that coma. The opening parts of the game will therefore be linear. It will then switch to an open-world type of game.

Here’s the trailer:



Oh, and did you like the song in the MGSV trailer? It’s “Not Your Kind of People” by Garbage.

And here’s the gameplay demo they showed right after, capped by Games HQ:

This was capped from GameSpot’s livestream of Kojima’s GDC press conference. Watch that at Twitch TV or Gamespot.

The trailer was shown to hype the game, of course, but also to hype Kojima Productions’ FOX Engine. To show off its potential for realistic visuals, Kojima and his colleagues showed off some images from some items rendered in the engine. These are not photos.


Photos vs FOX engine:


The FOX engine does some nice lighting. Have a look:


Want to see something really cool?

The 2012 trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes took place at night.

Today, at GDC, Kojima’s crew showed what that trailer looks like if they raise the sun into the sky in the FOX Engine.

The presentation had begun with Kojima showing up wrapped in bandages. That was a reference to both the bandaged protagonist of the Phantom Pain trailer and to the alleged developer of that game, Joakim Mogren of the fictional Moby Dick Studios.


The Phantom Pain trailer had debuted in December during the Spike Video Game Awards. It never mentioned Metal Gear Solid V, but its logo showed some negative space in the shape of the words Metal Gear Solid V. It was a fake — an obvious one and a fun one, a sly, classic bit of Kojima misdirection.

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes had first been shown in September during a 25th Anniversary celebration for the Metal Gear games. Oddly, Kojima then claimed that GZ was a prequel to MGSV. Unless we heard wrong, that’s a somewhat less fun bit of misdirection. Regardless, that game was described as a more open-world style of Metal Gear.

Bonus mystery!Is Kiefer Sutherland doing the voice for Ishmael, the guy who has been watching over Snake while he’s been in a coma? Check out this part of a gameplay demo shown at the conference.


    • The pre-release stuff they did on the Fox Engine looked great. The footage they’re showing now looks like evey other game…

    • Worst graphics I’ve ever seen. Kojima should just stop making games. They look awful.

      Seriously, though, I would mistake them for photos. I guess I don’t have your keen eyesight and desperate need to feel superior by dumping on other people’s work.

    • I’m not that impressed, but I suspect I may have been spoiled recently by several PC games (like Tomb Raider).

      • Ground zeroes looks great for ps3 real time graphics that look like that I didn’t think it was possible on current gen specs

    • I think the initial presentation may have been on a custom built pc, and the current presentation is on the specs of the new consoles which is why it looks different than t the original presentation.

    • I was at the presentation, believe me that the pictures shown in this article do not begin to do justice to what was on display. While I would hesitate to call it photorealistic, what was shown was the closest I’ve seen yet.

  • Its something that’s always bugged me about game development and maybe someone can fill in the blanks for me..
    I assume that all games, by necessity, are developed on PC’s simply because typing code on a console seems silly. Why is it then that so many games are demoed on PC, but then when the game finally comes out the devs cry “the game was never developed for PC and would require to much re-engineering to be viable”?
    I’m not saying this is the case with MGS5 but more in general.

    • I would assume that on PC, you’d need to make sure it can work across a range of different hardware specs/graphics cards

    • I’m not a developer, so I can answer with 100% accuracy but console games like MGS are written using a PC and a dev kit. The code, while possibly written on a PC, isn’t designed to run on a PC. When the game is tested or demoed, it’s running on whatever SDK it has to. So basically a special console that can do things the retail version can’t (and obviously wouldn’t need to).

      Here is the PS3 SDK

    • As I am guessing this will be a next gen title, and if Microsoft follow the same route as Sony (as they did with the xbox), the next gen consoles will be extremely similar in composition as a PC. This will make it infinitely easier for games to come to the PC and be less “console porty”.

      No PS3 game would have been demoed on a PC as the ps3 structure was nothing like a PC and dev kits were usually like the above or a dev unlocked console hooked into a computer that the developers would code through.

      Basically the computer would behave as the game disc that was editable and then feed that info directly into the PS3 to be rendered on the console. When they devs want to edit stuff in real time you get a very very very cut down rendering on the PC, with placeholder textures and wireframes, because the PC could only handle part of what was being fed to the Cell processor.

      The 360 on the other hand is pretty similar to a PC already, so most of that stuff can be demoed on a PC, but is still not exactly like a PC so the final product has to be made to use the console’s resources. 360 dev kits are the same set up as PS3s.

      People just dont release pc version for what ever reason. PS3 games are hard to port, some games control schemes are way to wacky to integrate to PC (you cant really release a PC game that is controller only), some use gimmicks on consoles that aren’t available for PC that would require massive re-engineering to make viable, some can’t afford the man power to make sure a PC version runs smoothly (remember they have to try and make sure it runs on a huge variety of hardware), so the just don’t.

    • A big part of it is that they’re demoing it on a PC, just one. This is probably a standardised PC they use for development of the game and as such doesn’t mean that what they’ve built will run on any number of other hardware configurations available. That’s not to say it can’t, but just because they have it running on one PC doesn’t mean they are able to run it on everyones PC without a fair bit more work.

      That said I hope we will see it released on PC, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Its easy to optimize games on consoles since specs are all the same through out and time spend on PC is not worth it since most of are going to pirate it or wait for a price drop on steam

  • Can someone explain the title of these series of games to me? (never played any) The words don’t seem to make any sense when read together – Metal Gear Solid? Is there Metal Gear Gaseous and Metal Gear Liquid as well? Or is it some sort of lost in translation from Japanese thing going on?

    • Metal Gear is a big giant robot that shoots nukes. Solid is from Solid Snake. Partially.

      “And the word Solid in Metal Gear Solid has three meanings. First of all, Solid Snake is a character name.”
      – Hideo Kojima, 1999 interview with Steven Kent for Gamers Today.


      “This time Metal Gear is displayed in full polygonal form, and I used “Solid” to describe the cubic structure. also, the “Solid” means to the third power mathematically”

      – Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid: Official Mission Handbook.

    • The original game was just called “Metal Gear’, which makes perfect sense. I always thought the “Solid” was added to the 3D version instead of the usual ‘whatevery game: 3D’ and also referenced the character…but I don’t know if I just made that up or if it’s based on some kind of reality….

      EDIT: @mdn, oh right. So yes, based on some kind of reality.

    • The protagonist of the first Metal Gear Solid is codename Solid Snake. There is a Liquid Snake and a Solidus Snake as well as regular Snake, throughout the series.

    • I love it. I love a long, convoluted cutscene. Breaking up the action every now and then. While there’s something to be said for an immersive half life style no-cut-scenes-tell-it-through-the-gameplay I JUST LIKE THE PRETTY MOVIES!

  • I really enjoyed Metal Gear Solid 4 but after I’d finished, and thought about it, for all the coolness of the gameplay I had to put up with HOURS of badly done cutscenes.

    I’m not up for that again. And the supernatural stuff is annoying, when everything real(ish) is so darn cool. And did I mention the story? And the cutscenes? Over boiled rubbish.

      • Nah, a bit of the 2nd back in the day. All all of nr 4.

        I’m taking it that all of my criticisms are just things that come with the game so you need to accept them?

        Cos I’m new to the franchise, I don’t know if I can do that. But damn that sneakin’ shootin’ gameplay is sweeet!

        • yeah pretty much, if you’re in for gritty realism all the way you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Also they are all written like 80/90s action movies so get used to that. Snake is based on Snake Plisskin+dribs and drabs of other action stars/characters so it is no surprise.

        • Well get ready for a lot more supernatural stuff.

          I’m pretty sure that might have been a young Psycho mantis there…

        • Nah I’m gonna miss this one I think. I’m trying to cut down on gaming so I can concentrate on other hobbies. Gaming’s starting to take up a bit too much of my time to be healthy these days. I’ve been up every morning at 5am for the last 3 days so I can get an hr of bioshock in before the kids wake up.

          I’ll still make time for the unmissable titles bit after MGS4, I think nr 5 is in the missable category for me.

          It’s cool. Not every game’s for every person. Hope you fellas enjoy it.

  • so wait, i’m not fully in on the metal gear solid story, but that’s meant to be the same snake from peace walker and ground zeroes right? he doesn’t look old enough to be solid.

    it just seems funny that you’d advertise what looks like the direct sequel to ground zeroes, before ground zeroes has even released?

    still, i’m mega hyped, and currently playing 2, which this has now given me motivation to pass it.

    also announce rising 2 and i will be a happy man (as long as platinum are still making it :P)

    • Yeah, same Snake (aka naked Snake/Big Boss) from Peace Walker. It looked like Mother Base was attacked in the trailer, maybe leading to Snake being in the coma.

      And this game is Ground Zeroes – scenes from the Ground Zeroes trailer and the original Phantom Pain trailer are both combined in this one trailer.

      • sorry if i’m being really dense here.

        but is ground zeroes being renamed to Metal Gear Solid V?

        or is it just saying that “yeah metal gear solid V will happen, we just need to do ground zeroes first to set up the story for V.”

        • Before today, there were two trailers. One for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, one for The Phantom Pain, previously introduced as two separate games.

          Today they announced Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain with this new trailer that contains content from both the Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain trailers.

          So yes, I believe that Ground Zeroes has been renamed to Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. That’s my understanding anyway, based on the content from the trailers.

          • according to the metal gear wiki, yes ground zeroes is in fact MGS5

            but i have to pass 2, 3 and 4 now, as i really feel like i missed out on a great series

          • Don’t forget Peace Walker as well. It’s included in the HD collection with 2+3. Feel free to skip Portable Ops though, that one isn’t as relevant to the story.

          • i actually played a bit of peace walker, but never beat it, i will also pass that haha

      • You don’t stick an XBOX 360 logo on the end of your trailer and then say, ahh but instead it’s coming out on the next xbox, they may put it out on Next Gen consoles, but it will come out on the current gen ones too.

        Also if it was coming out on next gen consoles then where’s the PS4 logo?

          • I’m happy about it cuz it means I can wait an extra year before choosing a new machine, this year seems busier for new releases than the last two

  • Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes had first been shown in September during a 25th Anniversary celebration for the Metal Gear games. Oddly, Kojima then claimed that GZ was a prequel to MGSV.

    It’s since been confirmed that Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are two separate games.

    • It’s been confirmed today that they are one game.

      On March 27, 2013 at GDC 2013, Kojima officially confirmed that Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain were one of the same, and that the final title was going to be Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. He subsequently presented a trailer and showcased the finer aspects of the Fox Engine, later explaining that Ground Zeroes serves as a prologue to the main Phantom Pain segment.

        • Hmmm I’m not convinced it will be two separate releases. Based on the actual quotes, I’m thinking it will be like a Tanker/Plant kinda thing.

          • No they’re just comparing it to that in terms of the story. I reckon 2 separate games is right

            My feeling is Ground Zeroes is the attack on Mother Base and The Phantom Pain is the consequence of that with Big Boss recruiting all his followers and what will probably lead up to the shadow moses incident!

          • OH snap I just went and read something else and Bangers i think you are right, though I don’t know that both parts will be in the same package like MGS2, perhaps Ground Zeroes will be like Dead Rising Case Zero on the xbox, a playable prologue which lasts 2-3 hours and is downloadable only?

          • I’m happy to be proven wrong, it’s all a lot of speculation and PR talk so far.

            My money though says there is a questionnaire when you start the game and if you say you’ve played Peace Walker then you’ll start the game at the Ground Zeroes chapter, if not you’ll start with waking in the hospital and the GZ part will be new game+.

          • I really doubt that because he’s said that Ground Zeroes has elements similar to Peacewalker in the sense that you’ll be building your base as you go. So if GZ and TPP are indeed the same game, it would feel really cheap to have you do all the hard work of collecting loot or whatever to build up the base only for it to be demolished at the mid point of the game.

            Now if it were two games, it would make more sense, seeing as how completing GZ with your base fully built out how you want and having TPP start with a cutscene showing the events leading to the coma would ultimately be a way more satisfying experience.

            Having said that, I really don’t think Konami made an error or mistranslation. PR guys was quite specific with the picture he was painting to Siliconera. OMFG am I excited!!

          • True, but the Ground Zeroes part could be a standard sneaking mission followed by the Phantom Pain section being all about rebuilding a new base in a new setting and that’s where the open world structure would start.

          • Yeah I filled out that questionaire wrong in MGS2 and ended up in the Raiden section!

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