Microtransactions For Customisation Items Come To Black Ops 2 On Xbox 360

Beginning Thursday, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will begin offering "personal customisations" on the Xbox 360, the game's community manager said this morning. The items don't affect gameplay — they're items like weapon skins, targeting reticles and player calling cards. Moreover, the multiplayer map Nuketown 2025, originally a preorder incentive back in November, will be made available for free.

"This content contains either personal customisations or nice little luxuries that I've seen players request," Amrich wrote on his official site. "None of them affect gameplay, but they are small, specific ways to enhance your online experience."

The content comes in themed packs for 160 Microsoft Points each and will contain a weapon camo, three targeting reticles and a Calling Card.

Additionally, Nuketown 2025 goes free for everyone on Wednesday, and Nuketown Zombies now comes as a standalone purchase for 400 Microsoft points. (It had originally been included with limited editions of the game.)

Players may also purchase 10 more create-a-class slots for 160 Microsoft points, and Flags of the World Calling Cards. They're grouped by region and available for 80 Microsoft points per pack.

"At the end of the day, all of these items are completely optional, and were created for players who've asked for more customisation options," Amrich wrote. "If that's not you, that's fine; everybody gets Nuketown 2025 for free, so definitely take advantage of that."

More information will be available on the official Call of Duty website tomorrow, Amrich said.

Nuketown 2025 free starting Wednesday on 360 [Dan Amrich, oneofswords.com]


    You mean that crap doesn't have an impact on game play?

    what have I been grinding away for?

    Last edited 13/03/13 8:32 am

    Is this also aimed at the current generation of gamers who grew up and can only understand microtransactions from thier iPhones?

      You mean 5yr olds? Given some of the behaviour one witnesses from the average CoD player, it makes sense.

        Well, kids that age are the only people we know that create stories of angered parents suddenly losing thousand of dollars due to microtransactions from Facebook games...

    Vanity items for shooters you have to pay for. Yay. :S Does anyone remember the days when you used to buy a whole game and you earned stuff in it, before they started stripping out standard features and selling them back to you as 'additional' content?

    I bet Activision looks back at CoD 4, not as a game, but a wasted chance at what would now be considered a very milkable cow.

      CoD 4 was such a great game. CoD 4 multiplayer (with AUS latency no less) was the greatest MP even topping Halo 2 and 3. Hardcore search and destroy was some epic shit. The true fight was against your own team for the bomb, knife off's were common for it.

    it's just the start of a new normal, I wish idiots wouldn't buy all that crap but they will :-(

      Tell me about it... The way to stop crap like this is to talk with your wallet, it's a shame so many people will buy it.

        Democracy at work. The people have voted that they want to be gouged for every extra bit of content.

      it's just the start of a new normal

      Team Fortress 2 says hello. Actually, they said hello some years back.

        I can infact tolerate Microtransactions in a free game.

          They were in TF2 before it became Free to Play, though...

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