Minecraft Looking At PlayStation When Its Exclusive Deal With Xbox 360 Ends

Minecraft on the Xbox 360 is no joke. In October, it briefly dethroned Call of Duty as the Xbox 360's most-played game, and it's still a solid No. 2 five months later. So its viability as a console title isn't in question.

Mojang is considering a PlayStation version, said Jens Bergstein, the lead designer of Minecraft's mobile editions, once Mojang's exclusive deal with Microsoft is over. "But Wii U is very unlikely," he told iGamer.

Minecraft's Xbox Live version released in May; it's unknown how long the game's exclusive pact with Microsoft will last, but it was a big on-stage announcement at Microsoft's E3 2011 keynote. Minecrsaft, in less than a year, has become the best-selling Xbox Live game of all time, by a mile, and sold nearly half a million copies on Christmas Eve.

Minecraft on PlayStation being considered, Wii U version "very unlikely" [Edge Online]


    What ever make him more money i guess.

      Your comment irks me just a little. Are you saying that he's only doing it for money? What's wrong with that? Is he's rich enough that he should stop selling his game that people clearly still want to buy? I'm not really sure, but either way your comment sounds a bit like tall poppy syndrome.

      If I made a game, regardless of how much money it made me, I would keep trying to get it on as many platforms as I could if it was possible. It just makes sense. Much more annoying would be if he said "Yeah I could bring it to Playstation, they've been asking for it, but it will only make me a few million, and frankly I'm rich enough, so f*ck those guys".

      I hope if you're ever extremely successful doing something you love and worked hard on, you don't have a bunch of people continuously and jealously telling you how much you don't deserve it.

      Obviously I'm a Notch fan boy, or I wouldn't take the time to write all this out. :)
      He's made gaming better as a whole, unlike EA and Activision pushing their DRM and microtransactions, this one guy has inspired a whole bunch of indies into pursuing new gameplay ideas and funding sources that they might not have considered pre-minecraft, long before gaming Kickstarters really kicked off. Even if he's already done his dash, Minecraft will remain an important part of gaming history.

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    I'd be keen. What put me off about the LIVE version was the need fot a Gold account to multi.

      Like every other multiplayer game on the xbox?

        That's right. I buy multiplayer games I'd like to play on PS3.
        360 is for exclusive single player games like Witcher 2, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon & Shadow Complex

          It's always baffled me how much XboX Gold is accepted. I've never understood why it's considered OK for a device to say 'You have to pay us extra to use the network'. And I would be really unsurprised to see it adopted more elsewhere.

          I see a lot of bickering about which is superior, pc or console, but it never got past this one for me. Can you imagine the uproar if Steam, Origin, or even Microsoft said you had to pay them extra to use networking on Windows/Steam? Yet we have, ultimately, let Microsoft do just that on the Xbox, and noone seems to object. If I were Sony trying to push my console as better, I think 'We don't charge you more to use their games as they are meant to be used' would have been a great start! Sadly, I'm betting they go the other way, because hey, why pass up money people are already willing to shell out?

            Yep, I already pay for internet.

    Games Journalist, what's the reason for no Wii U version?
    The Wii U gamepad would allow for better/easier building.

    Is it Nintendo requiring him to go through a publisher? Or some other reason?

    I can't see why there shouldn't be a Wii U version. The system is more powerful, especially with the RAM (Minecraft's lifeblood), so system specs shouldn't be an issue. The gamepad is calling for Minecraft and Off-TV Play would be awesome.

    how long id this deal though?

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