More Leaked Screenshots From Star Wars: First Assault Show A Glorious Cloud City

Yesterday, we told you about Star Wars: First Assault, the troubled multiplayer shooter that may never see the light of day thanks to uncertainty at the development studio LucasArts. Today we've got some more images from the troubled shooter.

First Assault was to be a downloadable "predecessor" to Star Wars: Battlefront III. It was supposed to come out this year, but LucasArts froze all hiring and new game announcements in September and has yet to decide whether or not to release First Assault.


    I remember a time when the word "leak" inspired some kind of excitement in me...

    (Only in relation to information and stuff...other kinds of leakage, not so much...)

    Jules you soulless bastard, this game looks awesome.

      hahahaha, I'm not saying the screenshots are bad or anything! It just seems like everyone is "leaking" these days, the excitement of the scandal is now not as much as it used to be :(

        Maybe they all need to put on some Depends then. Maybe some potty training too...

    I've been waiting for a Star Wars type game similar to Battlefield 3. Could this be it? Maybe not?

      Wasn't there a Star Wars mod for Battlefield 1942?

        there sure was. there was also a star wars mod for cod4.

        That's BF1942 mod was raw, fun but still very raw so crashes happened every so often but fun. This is something that started me thinking of a complete, purpose built SW BF type game

    If its already done, what do they have to lose, just release it!

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