NES, SNES, Genesis And GBA In One Voltron Console

With a new generation of game consoles on the horizon, people have had backwards compatibility on the mind. For those who want to play old games without keeping old consoles around, there's the Hyperkin Retron 3, which can play NES, SNES and Sega Genesis carts all in a single unit.

This week, Hyperkin announced its newest console, the Retron 4, which is even more ambitious than the Retron 3 (pictured above). It will add Game Boy Advance compatibility to the mix, as well as HDMI output.

From the Retron 4 press release

RetroN 4 Points of Interest: · 2 Original Controller Ports for Each Platform (6 Total) · Wireless Bluetooth Controller · 4 Cartridge Ports for NES, SNES, Genesis and GBA cartridges · HDMI Output with Digital Signal Conversion · "Perdana" Digital User Interface · PAL and NTSC compatible

Nice. Given that the image up top is of the Retron 3, it's still not clear what the Retron 4 will look like. Maybe something less candy-coloured? Though, hell, this thing could be bright green and orange, and I'd still want one. Hyperkin says it will announce more details about the Retron 4 at the Midwest Gaming Classic in March.

[via Wired]


    I have no idea how legal this is, but I want one.

      That is a good question. Does it fall into the catagory of emulators? Emulators themselves are not illegal but roms are.
      Unless you own the actual copy yourself and make your own back-up.

      Or has that all changed now?

        I don't understand why if you have a real copy of a game that downloading back-up is illegal but making your own is ok?

          Either do I, Chappers, either do I.

          Bloody red-tape, eh?

          (I'm just quoting Blackadder II now, carry on)

          I guess the thought is that it'll encourage the uploaders *shrugs*

    Brilliant, I collect NTSC N64 games in PAL country so able to switch is a good idea but will the NTSC JAP fit? And being the old Outputs are harder to find on new TVs love the HDMI Output.

    Awesome! if only it had that retro aesthetic it would be amazeballs.

      read that as "hetero aesthetic" :-/

      Looks pretty old-school to me. There's dials! And cartridge slots!

    thats sweet

    I've been highly impressed with retro clone machines over the years. Just quite recently, I received a Retro Duo Mk. III system and it hasn't failed with any game, I own. These consoles aren't made in blackmarket factories, so, in case you were wondering these are highly legal.

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