New GTA V Screens Show Off Sunsets, Scuba Diving And Stormy Skies

A bunch of new images for Grand Theft Auto V popped up on Rockstar's official site. What do you think is going on in these scenes?


    What do I think is happening in these pics?

    Well, a guy is riding a bike, a car is driving, someone is jumping out of a plane, someone is swimming, the sun is setting, a helicopter is shining a spotlight on a road, a river is flowing, waves are crashing and a man is leaning against a car.

    Hope that helps you work it out.


        CASE CLOSED.

          That's the end of that chapter

          Where's McGarnical?! Tell him he's off the case!

      Kotaku missed a screenshot. They didn't put up the screenshot with Franklin (the black guy NO racism) using a mini gun. I CAN'T believe kotaku didn't show that screenshot.

    Smart arse, but gave me a laugh over breakfast.

    Those screens are NOT from PS3 or Xbox 360.

      They are from the consoles and have to be because GTA V is only made for the consoles. If R* did make GTA V for PC then they would have announced it already. And another thing is look at the graphic of RDR it is BEAUTIFUL and RDR is only made for consoles. GTA V's graphic is like RDR except better. We shouldn't be surprised at how good the graphic is when you look at the graphic of RDR.

        Just because they are releasing it on consoles doesn't mean they can't take a screenshot from code running on a PC more powerful than the intended release hardware.

          True but if you look at the graphics of RDR on the consoles I wouldn't be surprised if the real graphic of GTA V actually look like this.

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            What with not enough AA, Making everything look horrible...? :S

          except that Rockstar confirmed that the screenshots are taken from the game running on current gen consoles.
          Correction they confirmed on the rockstar website in the comments of the images.

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            You got a link to that?

              I could link you to the page on but its buried pretty deeply. Just google it a fair few other gaming new outlets have covered it.

        There has only been one R* game in recent memory that wasn't released on PC. And they wouldn't necessarily announce it.

          Yeah, RDR is the only recent Rockstar Game that got major sales that wasn't brought over to PC.

        I have the GTA IV series on my PC. When did my PC become a console?!

      Rockstar confirmed in the comments of the original post (on Rockstar's website) that the screenshots are taken from current generation consoles running the game.
      But honestly I'm surprised by how good this game is looking, logically yes this is where the graphics should have evolved to following GTA IV, and Red Dead Redemption but its still surprising (and hard to believe *for some*) that this is possible especially in a game as large as it is meant to be.

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        Is it really that hard to believe? If you think about the difference between GTA III and San Andreas on the previous generation consoles, you see a marked evolution from their initial release to what they could squeeze out in SA (not including the PS2 version since the visuals struggled compared to the Xbox version) . Okay, it's nowhere near, say, the evolutionary leap between GTA (1997) and GTA III for example, but even the difference between GTA IV and RDR is significant as they got better at exploiting the engine and the consoles' hardware. A great example, look at how pixelated and blurred shadows in the morning/at dusk in GTA IV are compared to RDR, it's huge! I'd expect this would be refined further for V, but there's only so much you can tell from screenshots. Dammit, I want to get my grubby mits on this now! :p

          Allow me to clarify, when i said hard to believe in my previous comment i meant hard to believe for some (mainly those saying this couldn't be current gen), that said I am still surprised by how great this is looking on current gen hardware (when a lot of us are beginning to think they've reached their limits), I expected graphics on this level but its still weird to actually see them. The sooner September comes the happier i will be hopefully this will follow in the steps of San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption and be my main time waster for the next couple years, if theres a collectors edition i will be making sure i get my hands on one lol =P

    A motorbike with out front brakes and a clutch seems like a pretty sketchy ride.

      Never seen an automatic transmission on a bike before? Or bikes with a different gearing arrangement? I've seen bikes with gear sticks and clutch pedals before. Seems impractical but y'know.

    I'm going to need to take a month off for this when it comes out. Unfortunately, my boss has kids who play GTA and he's aware of the release date. Fuck!!

    Wait wait WHERE IS THE SCREENSHOT WHEN FRANKLIN is using the mini gun?!! There is a screenshot when Franklin (the black guy NO racism) is using a mini gun. I CAN'T believe kotaku didn't show that screenshot.
    Here's the link:

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    These screenshots look awesome, There will be a PC version... iirc the PC version of GTA IV was released 6 months after the console release and GTA IV still has even after 5 years an active modding community.

    My first preference would be PC but i will buy it for the PS3 once a special edition is announced.

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