New Trailer Shows What Kingdom Hearts Looks Like In HD

Square Enix says the name for this game is Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, but I'm not going to call it that. Let's stick with... Kingdom Hearts 1.5.

Here's the official PAX trailer for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 — an HD remake of the first Kingdom Hearts that also includes Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, cinematic scenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and extra content from Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. It will be out later this year for PS3.

Yeesh. Writing these names is exhausting. Anyway, this trailer is fun, even if it is filled with wonderful gibberish like "When your sleeping memories awaken, you may no longer be who you are now." Kingdom Hearts!


    It's only gibberish if you have not played it before, but I guess they could have chosen better sound bites. "I know now, with out a doubt, Kingdom Hearts is Light" is a pretty good one though.

      considering he doesnt say that till towards the end of the game, rather a give away or spoiler

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        Even though Kingdom Hearts 2 spoils that scene at the start of the game via flash backs (I think)...

          yea but if your playing Kingdom Hearts 2 you should have at least played 1 and its not really a spoiler since it goes on the act that you have played kingdom hearts 1

    Why there's no KH2 HD?

      Because it will come out as kingdom hearts 2.5 remix.

      its coming but it will be in Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix which will include Kingdom Hearts 2 final Mix, Kingdom hearts BBS final mix and recoded cut scenes

        Cool looking forward to that.

        Also do you think they would make new KH titles in the future for example maybe KH3?

          kingdom hearts 3 is coming, its just a matter of when and what console (im betting ps4) you will get Kingdom Hearts 3 after the release of Final Fantasy versus 13

            It's been 10 years. KH2 was a PS2 game. No KH on PS3. I really doubt it's coming for PS4, and I suspect they'll stick to handhelds.

              well if you think about it, kingdom hearts 3ds is set after the event of KH2 so KH3?

              Kingdom Hearts 3D was bridging the story gap between KH2 and KH3. KH3 will be on a console, Nomura said after the release of KH3D that the series will be returning to consoles.

    i wish they had remade Days into a full fledged game, imagine having Mission Mode with online play. that wouldve been so cool. i wanted to play with people because no one i know has Days on DS. let alone any of the KH games.
    They needed some more time and i think they wouldve remade it. The possibility.
    let us hope that with the HD of 2.5, maybe Birth By Sleep will have that online play with the Mirage Arena.

    *Sigh* The problem with HD remakes is that when I hear HD, I think... well, I think of something more. We see videos of what graphics cards can do, of what the PS4 can do, so when an HD "remake" comes out, for some reason I expect much higher quality character models, I expect more natural looking hair, I expect higher detail than there is. And it's unreasonable. But still...

      It's worth noting that the vast majority of these aren't "remakes" nor are they referred to as such. They are remasters. All they're doing is presenting the game at a higher resolution, along with some minor changes to accompany the new system. Consider a Nokia 6300. If you were to take a picture of something with one, and compare the resulting image to one taken by an iPhone 5, that would be similar to the difference between originals and HD remasters.

        Oh, I know, but it makes me sad that they're just remasters :(

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