News Channels Discover That Girls Play Video Games

News Channels Discover That Girls Play Video Games

Girls? Playing VIDEO games? YOU’D BETTER BELIEVE IT.

With the type of breathless astonishment usually reserved for miracles and alien sightings, local news channels across the United States decided to report on the Major League Gaming tournaments in Dallas last weekend with the best angle possible: HOLY SHIT, DID YOU KNOW THAT GIRLS PLAY VIDEO GAMES NOW?

Kotaku video editor Chris Person has put together a super-cut of the footage. You can watch it in all of its glory above. For the love of the game.

Note that these reports were all filmed in 2013, as opposed to, say, 1996.


    • I was honestly expecting to find an associated press piece floating about with those keywords. I was also too lazy to properly apply my google-fu to find this piece.

  • Well to be honest there is the same amount of breathless astonishment when guys find out girls play games as well. Actually gamer (guys) are probably more skeptical.

    • Up until about 5 years ago girls only said they thought games are a stupid guy thing and that you were basically an idiot for thinking a girl might like it.

      Then gamer girls spoke up and I found out there were girls who not only tolerated a guy playing computer games but actually enjoyed gaming themselves. I imagine there are plenty of guys out there who haven’t yet met a gamer girl in real life or on the net. Not that unreasonable to be surprised to be honest…

      • It’s completely unreasonable to think that an entire medium is dominated almost exclusively by just one gender. Especially when the most successful game series in history (The Sims) is well known for having a large female player base.

        It’s like thinking that women don’t like sports. Maybe a majority of women don’t but there are still ridiculous amounts of women that do.

          • What’s wrong with The Sims? It’s the natural extension of sim games like Sim City and Theme Hospital. Remember Theme Hospital? It was fucking rad.

          • Wookies! 😀

            Loved Theme Hospital as much as I loved Theme Park! Those games were *the shit*.

          • People who don’t remember theme hospital are sad but there is hope for them since its on GOG

        • Go to an EB or the games section of any store, it’s literally 99% men and boys. The only women are employees and the mums of the boy… and some of the men. Sure there are a lot of female WoW players and the Sims but there still is a massive divide when it comes to boxed games you play on a console and a PC, There just aren’t that many female gamers that own a PS3 and troll Neogaf, or even read this site every day.

          It’s just like how there aren’t groups of men going to the shopping center to buy clothes, accessories and a ChaTime. I have not had one girlfriend say this “lets sit down and play a game”, however this “Are you still playing that stupid game?” is said more often. It’s not critical mass yet… one day it will, it’s inevitable, mainly because games are WAY more interesting than Westfield and diabetes inducing tea drinks.

          • Not taking part in gamer culture is very different from not playing games.

            My girlfriend, who I met through this site, owns all modern platforms and plays League of Legends regularly. We’ve played a host of games co-operatvely, from Diablo 3 to the Lego games and she’s a massive Hitman fangirl.

            In the past, I’ve dated girls that were massive Bioware fans or could kick my ass at Mario Kart.

            The, largely female, writing group I was a part of spent a lot of time talking about what they had been playing recently and one of them had repaired a RRODed 360.

            Even my female friends that don’t consider themselves gamers and get annoyed at their boyfriends for staying up late gaming own a DS.

            If you don’t think many girls play games, you don’t know many girls.

          • I bought a second hand Wii from EB specifically to temp an ex to play Mario Galaxy 2 player…. No dice (I gave it to my folks, where it sits unused). None of my female friends play games beyond their Phone. I have asked if any of my friends gf’s and wives play not too long ago and one mentioned Wii fit and one said their mum played that Nike fitness game. I work in the defence force and one of the most popular ways to blow off steam on deployment is games. A cook on my last deployment played sims, she loved it. I asked if they had a console in their mess she replied along the lines of ” just the standard DVD player that was always there, they wouldn’t use it”. EVERY male mess has a PS3 or a 360, often both.

            I’m convinced that Australian women just aren’t mad about gaming. The only woman I’ve known to own a console was a friends girlfriend. A ps3 …. One out of hundreds. Now this is obviously anecdotal, and I’m not saying women don’t play ”full” games I just haven’t met many women that get real enjoyment out of games. Just last night at oz tag it’s 50/50 male female ( it has to be) but there are a dozen teams. Try getting a team in any game 50/50… The comp wouldn’t last two matches.

          • Well, I am a female gamer and all my female friends are gamers. And we are not playing Sims. How can that be? 🙂
            I think the only reason you don’t know any girls who enjoy video games, is because you hang out with a different crowd. Women who work in IT, students, or geek chicks, tend to be more interested in computers and games.

          • 100% agree. But that is a small set of females in some pretty specific groups. As I said earlier, it’s changing for sure, ten years a go it would have been unheard of for a woman to work at EB, but there are many stores that have female employees, which is fantastic. I’m saying there seems to be a barrier for mass adoption of games among women to levels like men. It’s also important to point out it never has to be 50/50. Whether this is personal preference or social I don’t know, I’m just pointing out that even though women do enjoy games, and in increasing numbers, the participation gap is still enormous. Which leads to inequalities in the way games are made, leading to more male focused “dude-bro-shooters’. Publishers will always go where the money is.

          • All I got from that is hurr durr I know females who play games so if you don’t then obviously you don’t know girls. Get a grip dickhead

          • Where I’m from it’s about 80/20 guys girls. My wife is a life long gamer and she’s got plenty of female buds who are gamers too. Maybe you just live in an area that’s different. Or maybe I do. There were a lot of ladies at PAX Australia. Probably about 15% at least.

          • The fiancée plays all the Elder Scrolls games (she’s more keen for Online than I am), Amnesia, Bastion, Champions Online, Dreamfall, Fable(1+2+3), The Longest Journey, The Secret of Monkey Island (series), of course the Sims and tonnes of its expansion and sub-games, The Walking Dead (Telltale), The Witcher (series), Trials Evolution, Journey, Flower, Kart Racing games on all the consoles, Peggle, Worms, and tonnes of XBLA and PSN games.

            She even had a go at Football Manager 2013 yesterday.

            She is just as keen to head to EB as I am (which isnt ver much because they are a rip-off) and even more keen for next gen consoles than I am (uhhh GTA V comes out not even 1 month before their release). I think that you are right that there is a long way to go for it to become an acceptable social norm for girls to be considered true gamers, but there are the girls out there…

      • I’ve been playing games since I was six, and no I don’t play sims or farmville 🙂

        I still get surprised looks from guys when I tell them – and I am in my late 20’s.

        I own a ps3, 360 and play pc games by the way. I’ll take gaming over clothes shopping anyday!

        • Me too. Except for the 20’s oh those were the days. You get weird looks from most people male and female when you say you’re a “gamer”. Well its better than puking in a gutter and losing your dignity.

          • My wife also gets odd looks at her office when she uses gamer analogies in her meetings. And it’s look after the kids and cook night for me when she has had a hard day, she is straight onto the 360 for some “Kill time”

    • My gf plays BFBC2 religiously, under NickiM. Everyone thinks she’s a guy, and calls her Nick lol. It’s hilarious when people make gay troll comments to her.

  • They’re all pretty much saying the exact same thing, literally. It’s like the just used copy and paste on their little reader thingies. I know a lot of news websites just copy and paste from other news sites, but I thought at least the news on tv actually did a better job of at least re-writing things a little. Clearly the news industry is far crappier than I thought (didn’t think that was possible).

    Also, I love how they all seem to think women only get into gaming because of their brothers or boyfriends. :I

  • For some reason I’ve now got Ned Flanders’ voice in my head repeating these quotes in the style of the Stupid Sexy Flanders scene:

    “They’re playing it for the love of the game, love of the game, love of the game”

  • I like how they still managed to add a comment about video games being too violent at the end of the video

  • Girls That Play Video Games Shoot Em Up When They Discover That News Channels ‘Discover’ That Girls Play Video Games.

  • Even more astonishing when none of the footage from the reports actually contained a female playing games. Any shot with a female is of them standing around watching guys play…

    • There’s a chance that they did that to reinforce that it’s strange that so many girls are getting into it, they really can’t be that lazy.

  • Wait what? I thought girls were a myth and now they’re enjoying a hobby I also enjoy? This is some manner of outrage and something must be done, ideally something that can be simultaneously sexist and homophobic for absolutely no reason!!!!!!111one

  • If girl gamers exist, I sure as hell haven’t met one yet :(. Maybe because I’m pushing 30 and most girl gamers have out-grown it and have moved on with other things once they reach that age.

    • I have been playing games since I was six, I am 29 this year and have no intentions of stopping anytime soon! 🙂

    • Know alot of them through WoW and Cod that range in age from 18-40. They just don’t voice they’re girls due to immature guys who constantly ask about Tits or GTFO. News cast is pretty stupid all saying same thing, its a guy thing. Got a gamer friend who is a girl and been playing games since she was 5 and actually develops games now. In WoW, 35% of their players are female. They aren’t that shocked when they talk of girls in politics and careers, yet its shocking to see girls playing video games.

    • Or maybe you’re just not meeting the right people. Just because you don’t know any female gamers doesn’t mean we don’t exist. As for growing out of gaming, I’m only a few years off 30, and don’t expect to grow out of it any time soon.

    • I’m 26 and have no intention of ever stopping. My future kids will get ridiculed by their friends for how nerdy their parents are. Wait…that’s not a good thing, is it?

    • 40% of gamers are women… If you’re playing MMO’s then it’s probable that you just don’t believe them or that they are not advertising their sex so that they don’t get harassed (many female gamers will create a male avatar for that reason). I’ve played WoW, DCU, and SWTOR and my three younger sisters play SWTOR… no one believes that four women are running flashpoints and tearing up pvp. And I find when I play a game on xbl I have to leave my mic off and the harassment has gotten so bad at times that I refuse to play with anyone but friends for extended periods.

      And one last thing, I’m 25 and have invested a lot of time and money into playing video games. I’m saving for the next gen consoles, and I’m in grad school to make films that prominently feature video games… No intention of moving past something I love 😀

    • Most likely dude you’re looking in the wrong places, The 3DS streetpass group I attend has a Men/Women ration that’s almost 50/50, you’ll also find a lot of them at conventions of all sorts.

      Or you do know them but they aren’t very open about it.

    • My fiancée is 29 and she games with almost all her “spare” time. She is also well educated (a masters) and better paid than I am. SHOCK HORROR!

    • Next report will probably be how female violence is on the rise. I bet we can guess what they’ll blame…

  • I know it is unrelated (to girls per se), but the comment about violence at the end got to me…

    The media (and also many scientific journals) have absolutely no good quality data to support the notion that the interactivity of violent video games causes aggression/violence (and to a greater degree than non interactive but violent movies). To be sure, there are solid links to watching aggressive material and violence and there are also solid links between playing aggressive games and violence. But there is no data solid data support violent games (because of things like interactivity) are worse than movies. In that light, bashing of video games (even violent ones) is unjustified. If someone wanted to test it, it is very easy (albeit probably somewhat expensive) to design studies with a rigorous methodology to properly and effectively answer the question.

    EDIT: While most wouldnt acknowledge it, the whole violence and video games thing is about games being worse than movies. It’s why people dont harp on about violent movies or tv series. Video games are interactive and movies are not. It’s not about the violence, its about the interactivity. There is no data to show that interactivity leads to greater degrees of violence.

    FYI I am both a gamer and a scientist.

  • My current girlfriend plays LoL, quite competitively in a sense of actually playing and wanting to win, her username is pretty gender neutral so other players won’t suspect a thing, needless to say if i’m near her when she’s loosing in a game of Lol I’d be the one to cop the rage and frustration, ha.

    My Ex girlfriend on the other hand was one of the people that only played or liked games to be ‘cute’ the typical “look at me i’m a a girl playing video games tehe!” never actually enjoying the game only playing them to get that image.

  • Where are all these gamer girls? I’ve met one in real life (many online). It would be nice to meet someone I can share MY hobby with for once, instead of been treated like an outgrown child.

  • I have been gaming for 20 years, since I could hold a controller in my hands/was tall enough to see the computer screen. I’ve owned a SEGA Master System, Mega Drive, a NES, SNES, N64 (which I still have and play), Gameboy, DS, 3DS, PS2, PS3, XBOX and XBOX 360. I’m on my second pc built for gaming.
    I also own 52 pairs of heels, have blonde hair and go out dancing weekly with my friends.
    I hate that when the larger population actually acknowledges that women in fact play and enjoy video games, they seem to put them under a general blanket, the same as is done with guy gamers too. Basement dwellers that spend their entire existence talking about or playing video games.
    I wore 5 inch heels to a Black Ops 2 event last week and was given very odd stares by everyone in the room. Including the people playing the games. And this is what really bothers me. To change stereotypes we need to start at home. In EB, JB Hi-Fi, and the dear departed Game. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked if I needed a hand picking something out for my boyfriend while I’ve been shopping for a new headset. Having worked at 2 of the above stores, I’ve also been asked by customers where a male staff member is so they can ask a question.
    So guys (and girls), please help rid the world of these stereotypes by opening your own minds up a little.

  • If you happen to mention in WoW or SWTOR that you’re a woman no one believes you. I’ve gotten accused of being a 13 year old kid or an old man who just likes to look at the female characters. I have three younger sister who play SWTOR too and no one believes them either. We’ve had groups of people literally insist that we’re brothers in chat.

    We’ve all been playing computer and console games since we could figure out what the buttons on my dad’s NES did. Actually, that’s a lie, it was earlier, we played Number Munchers non-stop from pre-school. If you’re a male gamer saying you haven’t met a woman in your particular virtual world it’s FAR more likely that you just don’t believe them for some reason or that they aren’t advertising it so that they don’t get harassed; indeed, many female gamers will play a male avatar. 40% of gamers are women, so there are a lot out there.

    Although, when I play on xbl I always turn my mic off so I don’t get harassed, the male stereotypical gamer seems to flock to xbl. SWTOR probably has the most respectful population of the games I’ve played. Looking forward to comparing ESO when it’s ready.

  • You know there I times where I just want to punch the news media in the face,

    FFS There was a survey that showed at least 47% of gamers are women, Most of these girls have been playing games since they were kids, there are now games widespread popular games out there that appeal to more women than men, hell the creator and director of the Ouya Game Console THE MOST FUNDED Kickstarter projet ever is a woman.

    These people didn’t just appear overnight you dumbass journalists

  • My wife was not a gamer befor I met her.

    She was never allowed consoles or pc games, and at one point told me that being into games was “immature”.

    So I brought her a ds.

    The rest is history.

    She is currently 45 hours into ni nu kuni, whoops my arse at mario cart loves watching me play dark souls.

  • Hey news stations, I will leave this here.
    Want to add, I have 20 years gaming experience across 5 console generations. I also pretty much live on Kotaku. Oh, forgot to mention, I’m also female. All my female and male friends play video games. I did a video games course where 4/10ths of student had breasts.
    If you can’t find women that will play games, you are looking in all the wrong places.

  • There are plenty of women who play games, and for a while now.
    One of the local online communities I joined many years ago was about 80% female and they all played games – console as well as MMOs.

    Every guild I have been in in an MMORPG called Rift has been 1/4 female and even a PvP community attached to the game has 4-5 regular females on vent all the time. And I’m not talking casual – I’m talking about hardcore raiders, some of whom are amazing theorycrafters.

    I used to volunteer for a local Anime convention a few years back and the group was ~ 75% or so female. Every one of them had an NDS or a PSP with a ton of titles (mainly games like Beat Mania, Ace Attorney, The World Ends With You, Disgaea/etc) and that’s not including other consoles and PC games.

    The mainstream media is always way behind with these sorts of things. Politicians are even further behind. It’s a shame that so many male gamers are still stuck under the illusion that every female gamer is a G.I.R.L..

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