Next Mass Effect Will Be Fresh, New And Mostly Made In Montreal

A panel celebrating the recently-concluded Mass Effect trilogy produced scant details and vague teases about the future of the series and its creators at PAX East in Boston today.

"We are starting to get ready to develop another Mass Effect game, and it's going to be a new thing," series executive producer Casey Hudson said at a Mass Effect retrospective at PAX East in Boston today. "We want to be able to give fans an opportunity to get back into the world with these things you've come to know and love about the Mass Effect experience but start something fresh and new — a new way for you to explore the whole universe in Mass Effect."

For series fans, even that little bit of info might be a welcome update.

The game will be developed primarily by BioWare's Montreal studio, though Hudson, in the studio's Edmonton headquarters, will serve as the executive producer. As we've previously reported, Commander Shepard will not be returning.

Hudon and the series' lead designer Preston Watamaniuk will mostly be working on a non-Mass Effect project. "We are developing a whole new fictional universe at BioWare for myself and Preston [and other main Mass Effect trilogy creators.] That's kind of our next thing," Husdon said. "We're focusing on building something new the way we did at the very beginning on Mass Effect.

Hudson also seemed big on the planned Mass Effect movie in development at Legendary Pictures. "That hopefully should be seen as a good thing," he said, "Because what we're looking at are, I think, the right things to make sure it's gong to be a great movie. It's not just going to be a movie; it's going to be really special." We've not heard much about the movie lately, so a mention is encouraging.

The image of the Citadel up top is from the original Mass Effect trilogy.


    give me a few genuinely open-world non-linear environments & the ability to play as a number of different races and I'll be so happy.

      THIS. Let me explore some vast alien worlds as a Quarian, and i'll write Bioware into my will.

      Yeah I've been saying this for a long time. Such a strong setting and universe, ruined by focusing on the bumbling exploits (Huh, what's a Quarian? What's that thing? What's this thing? Where am I?) of a uneducated man or woman given ultimate power for some reason through a linear world and story progression.

      Let us play as different races, give it the same sort of vibe as the first Fable, where you actually felt like you were part of this world that was there long before you and would be there long after you and that you were part of a whole (because of the hero guild), not the centre of the universe.

    Calling it now. Mass Effect CSI: Citadel

    Mass Effect is one of the few times I'm actually hoping the movie deal falls through and it doesn't get made. A movie based on an RPG that makes canon the main character, I'll pass.

      What about all the other aspects of Mass Effect that could make a film enjoyable?. I cannot understand this kind of thinking. The loss of choice for the main character would be a justifiable tradeoff in a film based on ME1.

      Of course, everyone will say there's no point in making ME1 into a film, as the game was already "cinematic", but I disagree; a film could provide a much smoother, fluid & properly cinematic telling of the narrative while only really losing some sidequests and the planet Therum (Liara could be shifted to Feros easily).

      ME1 had so many great combat setups too that would make for some incredible hard sci-fi action; Noveria, Virmire, the Feros skyway. Imagine a Mako sequence with Shepard, Garrus, Wrex & Tali (I'm picturing a squad of 4 for the film) barrelling down the Feros skyway like in the Tumbler sequences from the Batman films.

      Shepard could easily be written as a likeable character with wide appeal. It all comes down to the dialogue really. That doesn't mean it has to be canon though, it could just be a representation.

        You feel it's a trade off that's worth it, I don't. I'd be up for an ME film that doesn't feature Shepard at all, but a film with Shepard? No thanks.

      So long as it doesn't include Shepard, it should be ok. the Paragon Lost anime film was, alright, nothing amazing though. But the best thing about it was it didn't go and piss all over the pre-established ME canon. It simply added some back story for one of the characters. Same thing with the books, they don't really mix in with the main Shepard story line, they just have backstory. Here's hoping the film will follow similar suit.

    They'll have to make one hell of a game to make me buy something from this satanic company again.

    YES! they are making another game to leave every single fan disappointed with. the last good game they made was Dragon Age Origins since then its been steadily worse i don't like our chances of receiving a good RPG

    Don't forget you have that dramatic character defining moment at the start where Jenkins dies forcing Shepard to spiral down the renegade path looking for vengeance, before finally talking Saren to death in an anticlimactic battle because he maxed out his renegade dialogue options.

    Im skeptical, I hope it's good but I've still got that bad taste in my mouth for ME3, at least let us create our own characters, or ships, let US define who we are and find our place in the universe

    Mass Effect 1 was the best for me. Sure it wasn't up to par from a gameplay perspective, but it had more character development and a lot more alien races could be interacted with, instead of just shooting them. All three are great games. I doubt I would follow the trilogy if it weren't for the strong foundation laid by the first.

    Last edited 25/03/13 1:08 pm

    Not keen on a film, because it will be male Shep, and I don't know. Not a fan of male Shep.

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