Nintendo Is About To Reduce Loading Times On The Wii U

Let's be honest with ourselves — some of the loading times on the Wii U are far from ideal. Thankfully Nintendo is in the process of attempting to fix that. It's just released a new video showing exactly how much of a difference its forthcoming update with make to the Wii U's doddering load times.

But, as big an improvement as it is, all this video is really showing me is how crazily terrible the Wii U load times were before. Loading times — they're the silent killer. Most of the time I don't actually notice them, unless they're really long. This video does a great job of highlighting how bad the load times currently are. For some reason the fact they're being fixed is currently washing right over me!

Sorry Nintendo, but congrats on all the sweet software engineering!


    Now all they need is a bit more stuff to load and they'll be set.

    Hopefully they've fixed more than just the return to the main screen loading. Hopefully initial system boot loading is fixed, and opening any applications... even loading settings is slow.

    Admittedly it's been quite a while since I last played my Wii U, but I don't remember it taking that long to get back to the main menu. That felt like it took forever.

    A great improvement. If I ever get one, at least i'll not have to deal with the long loading from the get-go.

    Bloody big improvement, but I'm still confused as to why there's a load time at all between applications. Isn't this what the 1Gb of reserved RAM for?
    If I'm playing a game on my PC I can just Alt-Tab back to my desktop instantly (as well as many other programs), why can't the Wii U do this?

    Still seems like an awfully long time. I haven't bothered to get a Wii U yet, but advances like this make it seem more worthwhile. Keep up the good work, engineers!

    Another thing i would like them to do is to make all the Wii emulation behind the scenes, eg. you put in a Wii disc in and you can play it straight from you home screen just like a WiiU disc.

    By doing this it would also speed up the loading of the emulation because the WiiU would not have to load the GUI that comes with the Wii.

    I want to know the different between the 1st update and 2nd.

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