Nintendo's Efforts To Explain The Wii U Just Took A Turn For The Absurd

It's no secret that Nintendo has had a major problem marketing the Wii U. Most non-gamers (and even some gamers) I speak with have no idea that it even exists. Even Jimmy Fallon couldn't quite figure it out — and he was supposed to be showing it off that night.

Now Nintendo has apparently ramped up its efforts to explain just what the hell that big, glaring "U" means with the posters that GTTV host Geoff Keighley spotted and Tweeted about at PAX East today. "Why Wii U?" the ad reads, followed by a lengthy list of all the things the Wii U does that that crappy old Wii simply doesn't. Keighley followed up with a second tweet explaining that you can tear the flyers away and take them home, like phone-pole ads for a neighbourhood dog walker, just in case you forget all the things the Wii won't do.

I'll say this: at least we can be sure Nintendo is definitely aware of the issue. But strangely, it seems like they left "GameCube game compatibility" off that list. Now why would they do that? Check out the full poster below.

Saw this "Why Wii-U?" flyer at retail today from Nintendo. Speechless. [Twitter]


    They left it off the list because for the past 1.5 years you haven't been able buy a Wii new that plays GameCube games.

    Wii U do what Nintendon't!

    No wait... that dosen't work...

    Bet Nintendo are REAL glad they decided to go with the "Wii U" name now.

    They really shouldn't have reused the Wii branding. Its too associated with the original Wii for non-gamers.

    I don't think the poster is entirely accurate for the global market, it's been nearly half a year now and we still don't have access to Nintendo TVii. . .
    nor will we ever

    Haha what a load of rubbish. It's really sad that the only I use my Wii (if at all) is for the Gamecube backwards compatibility, and thats not even available on WiiU

    yeah the Wii U was a really stupid name... I was hoping it was a working title because I could see this happening.. Best they can do is maybe drop the Wii and market it from now on as the Nintendo U.

      Y'know, that's actually a really good idea. I think that would possibly work in terms of marketing the thing, even if they do face a bit of embarrassment in the gaming press.

      Nintendo U would definitely sell to gamers, but the casual audience would probably think it wasn't made for them.

    Yep, this definitely looks like marketing material. Giant ticks in the Wii-U column, tiny, missable dots in the Wii column. Then there's the inclusion of Wii-U specific features. Unless they've invented forwards compatibility, how would you expect the Wii to play Wii-U games or use Wii-U chat or the gamepad and accessories? It's basically just saying, the Wii-U does Wii-U things.

      That's basically the point though. It's not really about comparing them equally, it's about saying, these are the differences and some of the reasons you should upgrade to a Wii U. Mostly so that people actually realise that they are different things, and that the Wii U is a new console

    I have loved Nintendo since the Game and Watch days. But i say, do a sega and drop out of the console game. Pimp your games out everywhere and make a friggin Squillion dollars. Those crazy Japanese with their pride and shit. Marcellus Wallace said it best....Fuck Pride.

      They don't even have to do that - just get out of home consoles and concentrate on hand held where the 3DS is dominant. Hell, I'm sure the next DS will be capable of outputting HD resolution, so stick an HDMI output on it and they can have the best of both worlds - a hand held for on the go that you can plug into the TV when you're at home.

        I don't want to see them leave the console space, but I don't want them to fuck it up so royally, increasingly the WiiU is looking like it will go the way of the Dreamcast.

        Now, if this time next year we have a new Metroid/Starfox/F-Zero in the mix, it might look a little different. But at the moment Nintendo's only hope is if the other two mess things up even worse (by always on DRM in xbox's case or Piston style pricing in Sony's)

          Can you please explain how it seems like it will go the way of the Dreamcast? I also don't really see how their only hope is the other two failing, it's not like the Gamecube sold a lot and then look what the Wii did.

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            Maybe Dreamcast is too harsh but I remember what it was like to own one (and a Gamecube) and theres nothing quite so dissapointing as when a console loses retailer support.

            They are being outsold by xbox something like 8 to 1 despite the xbox bring about the same price!

            2 months ago they put out a nintendo direct just to say they have nothing to show!

            Western Developers seem dead set against it

            I want to have a reason to buy a wii u but so far nintendo isnt filling me with confidence

          The promised titles is what sold the Wii U for me.

          I get to play a Super Smash Bros on a controller with regular buttons again? Sold.

            You know you can play brawl with a game cube controller or classic controller pro right?

      That's a really really stupid idea, why would they? the Wii U isn't a failure, the 3DS is outselling everything at the moment and the Wii sold massive amounts, they would make less money by dropping the consoles... Nintendo can run at a loss for about 10 years or something before they would go bankrupt.... I hate when I see people write this stuff, especially when they don't know what they are talking about.

    It's definitely a response so people can understand what the hell it is.

    Let's admit the WiiU is a Flop at the moment! why is it so hard for Nintendo to accept that? Right now the only thing left to do for Nintendo would be to get rid of the basic WiiU version, drop the price tag to an affordable level to reach mass market, and eventually people will buy the bloody thing. Then just leave the WiiU gather dust for another 6 month or so and eventually when most people would have forgot about it, some good games will finally be ready and the WiiU might have a chance of revival. With a good marketing push a few good titles lined up, there is still a chance for later but for now --- Scrapyard.

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