No, Sony ISN'T giving out Beta PS4s Via Facebook

People, people, people. STOP BEING IDIOTS. Sorry for shouting like that, but it seems like a new Facebook "like" scam pops up every single day. Today's foolishness is a fake PS4 beta scam.

To reiterate; no, Sony WILL NOT send you a free Playstation 4 in return for liking a Facebook page. Neither will Samsung send you a Galaxy Note III or Galaxy SIV or any other similar scam. Most of them rely on external surveys, malware installations and the like — in the case of the fake Playstation 4s, there's an external link (which I won't repeat here) that allows you to "see if you can apply".

In this case (as with every other "too good to be true" Facebook scam), you'd be applying for a whole lot of disappointment — so just don't.


    Yeah, idiots.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to send my bank details to an exiled Nigerian prince so that he can deposit his huge fortune and escape the country.

    Nah this is just Mark and Alex's way of ensuring that no one likes this and they get all the free PS4's to themselves... I'm not falling for that one ;) LIKE!

      I had my suspicions this is what was going on...

    What's the conversion rate on likes to prayers?
    Seems they're going pretty cheap these days...

    Why even clarify this? Let the stupid masses do what they do.

      True, but either way, the scammers profit.

        There should be a page for the scammers;

        "Like for free personal details on random idiots"
        "Click the link and enter your details to see if you are eligible and receive a free botnet"

    So sick of seeing this shit on facebook. I deleted 20 odd people the other day because of it. Felt good man.

    Are you sure? There's a Facebook page and everything. Not just ANYONE could start a PS4 Facebook page.

    No one on the internet would ever lie

    haha I read "idiot" in the voice of Sterling Archer.

    "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably isn't."
    "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth."
    Who should I believe? WHO?????

      If you pay me $100 online via a totally legit credit card payment site, I'll tell you the answer and several other life-changing secrets. I even have a list of fake testimonials that will support my claims.

      Dont gift a look mouth in the horse.

      i dunno.

    Saw someone on my FB like this scam the other day, shouldn't of laughed at their stupidity but I did anyway.

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