Notch Shaves His Beard. This Is Traumatic.

Every child with a bearded or moustachioed Father can relate. You came home from school one day and your lovable ol' Dad had been replaced... by a completely different man. Can you imagine the terror? My wife told me that the day her Dad shaved his moustache was so traumatic that she actually started crying. My Dad was always clean shaven, always. So I could never really relate to that kind of thing, until now.

Notch has shaved his beard. His magnificent beard. And in the above photo, he's not even wearing a hat.

Despite my outrage, fear and bewilderment it appears as though he shaved his beard for charity, which is as good a reason as any. But still — the trauma!

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    Affleck, Clooney and the other guy proved that beards make awesome stuff happen when they won the oscar for BEARDS!!!! I mean ARGO.

    So WHY NOTCH WHY! NotthatIgiveashit.

      Affleck already shaved it (his beard) and the other guy is the one and only Faisil from True Lies

        Woah thats Faisil???????? Damn? lol

        Awwwww Affleck shaved 'the beard'? But he looked so manly with it!!!! THE BEARDS HOLD THE POWER!!!!!

    I'm sure he's already modified the code for minecraft to replace everything with beard textures. Steve? now a beard. Creepers? beard. Trees? Beard. Herobrine? Beard with glowing eyes.

    Last edited 01/03/13 11:55 am

      There's a Lord of the Rings joke in there somewhere but I can't quite make it happen

    If he was going to shave it anyway, he should have done Shave for a Cure :*(
    Cure cancer overnight with them donations.

    Holy crap, it's young Michael Ironside!

    If it was for anything other than for charity I would've lost all respect for him.
    As it stands I'll merely have to avoid seeing anything of his for 2 weeks until it grows back to the minimum acceptable length.

    Tim Schafer did it first...

    And in the above photo, he’s not even wearing a hat.

    He's also inside. So not wearing a hat just means he has good manners.

    To steal a line form the beardies
    "If you dad doesn't have a beard, you've got two mums!"

      What if he's got a large, impressive moustache?

    While you can still see a bit of gut in that photo, he looks like he's lost a lot of weight as well as the beard.

    Why is it that whenever a beardy shaves their spectacular growth they always emerge looking like a pedophile

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