Now That SimCity Has Curved Roads, It Can Also Have...

The city in the above image was created in the beta for the new SimCity and demonstrated that, as always, if gamers can draw some male genitalia into a game, they will. Really, they will.

Previous SimCity games only let players draw straight rodes into their cities. The new game lets you draw curved roads, meaning this kind of city couldn't even be erected in the older games.

The image above (sans Kotaku censor fish) was posted to the r/gaming section on Reddit yesterday by a user named EunByuL, but I can't tell if he or she is the creator.

Given that strangers can build cities that connect to yours in this new SimCity, I imagine that a penis town like this could suddenly become a sister city to whatever fine metropolis you're making. Will SimCity moderators flag it or ban it? I guess we'll see (or will we?). The game is rated E10+, although there's a massive loophole: "Includes online features that may expose players to unrated user-generated content (Windows PC)." Given that the game is always online, make of that rating what you will.

So what drives people to do this kind of thing in the first place? Believe it or not, I'm looking into that. More of that later.

For now...

Here's another one, also from the beta:


    It looks as though dick city is getting some growths! should have those checked out haha

    Not too surprising.

    Isn't that EA's corporate symbol and where their headquarters are located???

    meaning this kind of city couldn’t even be erected in the older games.


    That actually looks like a pretty good layout. City planners take note!

    whoever did the top pic seems to have put a lot of time, thought & effort into making his junk.

    also, curved roads. why not just spell out stuff? town in the shape of the word 'PENICL'

    Edit : spelt penicl wrong.

    Last edited 09/03/13 4:25 pm

    I want to buy this game (not for the man sausage cities) but it seems to be such a disaster atm, I will wait I guess. Also Kotaku is doing a lot of advertising for a game they have considered a disasterous release

    It looks like he has a hedge trimming problem. or a foliage problem if you will :P

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