Now Your Thongs Can Have Pac-Men

In truth I think I may only be writing this post so that International readers click on the link and get disappointed. They'll come for the pac-men on the buttocks, but only find pac-men on flip flops. Their overwhelming disappointment will light up my life. Please leave comments below so I can chuckle.

Okay so here's the deal. Havaianas are making thongs with Pac-Man on them. They've also released a quirky little video showing Pac-Man hitting up the beach, and an awkward scene where one of the ghosts tries to put sunscreen on a pretty redhead. Yeah that was a bit weird.

But seriously — when it comes to the purchase of thongs, I've always gone with the cheapest pair possible. Your bloody feet cover the design! Am I missing something? Surely these Pac-Man thongs will only look cool when you're not wearing them — and surely that's missing the point?

Anyway, if Pac-Man thongs are you thing, you can pre-order them here.


    I was in a Havaianas store in Singapore last month and they had two different styles of Pac Man thongs for sale. I almost bought them but went for the angry Donald Duck ones instead.

    Imagine the confusion if there were pac-man pants! With love from an ex pat in Scotland who still can't get his brain round the lingo.

    That was actually a pretty amusing commercial. If I happen to see these in a store i'll buy a pair, since they are usually around $25, but I certainly won't go out of my way to get them.

    My bum looks like Pac Man when i wear a thong...

    I don't see the point in these considering your feet cover the actual design that makes them cool...

      YAY!!! im not the only one who thinks that, same goes for Aussie day thongs or Simpsons thongs, your feet always cover the awesome picture

        If I had transparent feet I would buy these in a heartbeat.

    I don't see the appeal in thongs. Horribly, uncomfortable things (and usually housing gross-looking feet). Would much rather a nice pair of sandals if I needed an open pair of footwear.

    I've gotta say, maybe I'm just a sucker for brand names, but whatever, I love my Havaianas, they're just really comfortable, decent looking, basic thongs. I've always liked the iconic look of simple rubber Aussie pluggers, but never found them comfortable, so I stuck with slides until my wife got me onto Havaianas. Now they're pretty much my go-to footwear in summer.

    As for designs like this, I agree, if you're just going to cover it with your feet, and dirty it up over time might I add, it doesn't really make sense to me.

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