Of Course Metal Gear Rising Has A Ninja Cat Easter Egg

Honestly, I'd have been more surprised if you told me that Metal Gear Rising didn't have a ninja cat.

Apparently at one point in its production Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance had loads of ninja cats, they would surround Raiden while he did stuff. That would have been pretty cool.

But even though that feature was removed, Platinum Games saw fit to keep at least a couple of cat moments in the game, which can be seen in the video above. The first cat moment, where the feline deftly backflips away from a Raiden sword attack, is pretty hilarious but I would have loved a few more different dodge animations, just to make things extra amazing.

Apparently later in the game the ninja cat appears again.

I, for one, would like to see a game with a ninja dog. Will someone make me this game?

Thanks Eurogamer!


    has this not already been reported on this site? I'm pretty sure it has...

      Do you mean this?


        Would have been better if the original report was done by Mark and he had just forgotten. #OldAge

      Well the first article was "look at this gosh darn cat I can't kill"
      This one is more "where to find it, twice" and has that full second easter egg.
      Which is cute. Gotta love it when they make bad guys (I assume those guys are bad guys?) do things like that.

      yep, was reported without the voice over vid ages ago but the original posting focused only on the first encounter with the cat.

    Two articles are fine if the second is an improvement, which this is.

    awesome! XD

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