Oh, Look, BioShock Infinite Running On A PlayStation Vita

There's no Vita version of BioShock Infinite. The game doesn't officially support remote play either. But, Kotaku reader John, who has some custom firmware installed on his PS3, hasn't let that stop him from playing Irrational's latest on Sony's handheld.

Looks good. So jealous.


    Screw it, I'm going to go figure out CFW for my PS3.

    I've been thinking about it for a while then I realised I have a PC that is far better than a PS3 could ever be.

      Then you haven't played the exclusives. I was like you, years ago. Now I own a PC and a PS3.

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        Of course I've played exclusives. I literally only bought the PS3 for FFXIII.

          also it was really awful

            I never said it was an exclusive hahaha. I simply stated that I have played exclusives and the reason I bought the PS3 was for FFXIII because I like the PS3 controller better than the Xbox controller.

            How was I supposed to know what FFXIII was like until I played it?

              oh im not having a go at you, I just feel it necessary to remind people how bad it was when ever it comes up. I bought it too even after reading some reviews because im a big FF, but yeah its just turd

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              At least you didn't buy it for Versus 13. I've got a couple friends who are still waiting for that one. And KH3 -_-

    Yeah, squeenix fudged that one up a fair bit. You can have a mediocre story with a great combat system and it will sell, or the other way around but when both are only okay(ish) and you have a brand name to uphold... big mistake.

    Mind you, us RPG fans seem to be much more critical (and nostalgic) of RPGs than of other genres. Personally though, whilst I haven't enjoyed playing through FFXIII a lot, I eagerly await the chance to play the next FF. Hopefully they get back on track :D Wish them only the best (as it's in my best interest to be entertained)

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