Oh My, How The Pokémon Anime Has Changed

The Pokémon anime debuted on Japanese television well over a decade ago. The year 1996 seems like a distant memory. Last night, it came flooding back.

As previously mentioned, Ash's Charizard is returning to the Pokémon animated series as a regular character, er, Pocket Monster. What last night's episode illustrated was just how different the Pokémon anime looks 13 years later. And does it ever.

Yes, we already know that Pikachu has changed over the years. And, yes, Ash Ketchum has changed too. Heck, Nurse Joy has also changed!

However, last night's flashback, which introduced Charizard to a younger generation of anime fans, was more than a simple HD touch-up on widescreen televisions. It allowed the show's creators to revisit classic scenes in a new way.

Not everything changed though. Some things did stay the same — or almost the same. It's interesting to see what was tweaked and what wasn't.

Below are some of the comparisons between the original series and the latest one, Pokémon: Best Wishes:

ポケットモンスターBW シーズン2 第32話 Part1, Part2 [2ch] おいェ、、、ヒトカゲ捨てた奴美化され過ぎだろ [まゆ] Ash's Charizard [Bulbapedia]


    Man, that takes me back. Trying to sneak in some Cheez TV sessions before school in the morning.

      Yeah this and dragonball Z. I never actually called it Toasted TV after they changed it

      Cheez-TV is the greatest cartoon show there ever will be :D


      It's crazy how it was all Ad-Lib - you don't see that much anymore!

      I'd love to see Cheez-TV return someday. Toasted TV was never the same for me, far to plastic. Kids these days miss out on most the greats when they were on or in their prime Pokemon, Digimon, DBZ, Naruto, One Piece, Yugioh and so on.

    the original cartoons is a little bit better imo..... but the new one is smoother but not as good as the original.... that last Charizard signature screen shot made my decision!! :D

      Was thinking the same thing. Look at that last shot. Charizard's wings have definition, you can see that they look rounded. Then the new version, it might as well be paper.

    You know who I want to return? Pidgeot. This asshole promised to come back to get him from Viridian Forest a decade ago and still hasn't done it yet. Ash is a promise breaking douche.

      Probably some other trainer caught Pidgeot in the last 10 years LOL

    This takes me back too. But I do think the new one looks better, you can't tell from the stills but I watched a few of the recent Pokemon movies with my younger brother, and some of the special effects are really cool. So I think this would look a lot better in motion.

    I actually prefer the old school way of Charizard spitting flames out. And I love that scene where Ash tries to warm Charizard up after the battle with Slowbro. :)

    IMO the newer stuff looks worse. The special effects have a higher budget (though at least in these screenshots, I think I prefer the original!) but the characters look a lot worse. Look at the eyes!

      Misty's new eyes are rather creepy... perhaps it's because the pupils are too small?

      Last edited 09/03/13 2:04 pm

        Nah, it's a vacant stare - *all* the characters' faces have less expression. Guess we're trying to raise more autistic kids.

    Is it still animated at 6 frames per second? That was the reason why never watched the series (That and I was probably slightly too old by the time it came out) - even by anime's rather low animation standards it looked cheap and stilted.

    I'm glad they're bringing back the iconic characters that we all know and love. The art changed, but if it stayed the same, the new generation would likely look as the entire series as old.

    It's a great opportunity for Pokemon to call back some old fans while getting some new ones

    I wish they'd put Technoman back on.

    So cool.

    You'd never have guessed that the reason Jade and Ryan are never seen on television is because Jade made fun of Rove McManus on tv a few times. Rove ruined them completely. Even when 10k+ fans gathered via facebook to get Cheez TV back on the air or at least get Jade and Ryan a talk show, 'third parties' (Rove) had the group disbanded, deleted and barred from reconvening and thus destroyed their career a second time.

    If you wanna blame someone, blame Rove.

    It'd be obvious by now that I loved Cheez TV, Those were the days. gameboy pocket and red in my school bag, some Cheez TV and off to school.

    Techno Man (aka Tekkaman Blade) was awesome too ^_^

    The fire's softness is totally against the stylistic approach of the anime as a whole if you ask me, while adding little to no value..

    Last edited 10/03/13 4:59 am

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