Origin Is Currently Having A Huge Sale

The narrative surrounding EA at the moment is currently a pretty grim one. Customer dissatisfaction, its CEO stepping down, Sim City woes. So how do you change the tide? I suppose a sale is as good a place as any! Right guys, right?

As much as people like to rag on the Origin service — these prices are pretty good. Most of the big titles are on sale at the moment, including...

Battlefield 3 — $9.99 Dead Space 2 — $9.99 Dragon Age: Origins — $9.99 Mass Effect 3 — $29.99 Splinter Cell Conviction — $8.97

That's just some of the games on sale. There's a lot of good stuff here — including deals on new titles.

It's easy to be cynical about this sale — and that's totally your right. There will be some who just want nothing to do with Origin, but if you like cheap games this is a good option right now.


    "Riccitiello has opted to fall on his sword to protect the cherished image of Electronic Arts."

    More like he came in to push as much short term profit for shareholders as possible and when the inevitable, short sighted policy turned into long term pain, he would take the blame and walk out with a multi-million dollar settlement only to bring in another flunky to bring a 'fresh face' to the same bullshit franchise under the guide of a 'new vision'.

    It's tired rhetoric from a wall street ideal. Business with short term profit maximisation mindsets that destroy longevity of franchises will employ figureheads that are delusional on their own egotistically driven crap to squeeze every dollar they can from a loyal fanbase until there's nothing left to grab and then duly take one 'for the team' (along with a very generous cash bonus for creating so much shareholder profit) and the company looks for another figurehead to repeat the process, whilst never - ever - addressing the core issues with the structure which lead to this situation in the first place.

    Understand that EA is a public company. It answers to shareholders - not fans. It's only priority is to provide maximum yearly dividends to shareholders and it'll follow any and every angle to achieve that result.

    It will destroy development houses, impose draconian deadlines on developers, slash pay rates for quality staff, shortcut quality control and strip every single dollar they can from loyal fans in order to create maximum short term gain and deem this as 'sound business policy'.

    The end result for you the gamer is bad quality releases, near non existant after sales support and ultimately, a poorer and poorer game experience and higher prices until you give up and walk away.

    Like short sighted single term politicians, EA's profit model ensures that as long as they are involved with any production, it will continue to be less reliable, less polished and worse supported at the highest price possible - by design.

    So it doesn't matter WHO fills that CEO's position at EA in the future. Whilst the ethos of EA's business model remains as it currently stands, it will not improve and fans will continue to be driven away to smaller production studios who focus on quality of product and after sales support.

    EA is a cancer to the gaming industry - period.

      One of the best summaries I've read. Well done.

      So, if you want change, buy some of their shares or don't purchase their products?

        To be precise, buy their shares high when they do things good by gamers and sell them cheap when they do bad.

        ...Or you could just get investors with much more money than you to do just that by not buying their games when you feel wronged, and buying them when they do good.

      EA Fan for president!

    I'd rather donate money towards a petition to have origin binned. Am not a fan :(

      You'd petition to have Origin binned just because you don't like it?

      That totally makes sense.

        If it means EA-exclusives end up on Steam? Depending on the money it'd take to bin Origin, I'd be all in favour of it. Playing ME3 multiplayer through Steam would probably see far more of my friends joining in, or me actually knowing when they are, so I can join in. Without having fucking Origin open.

        There's only room in this town for one digital storefront posing as a social-hub/launch-platform/overlay. And Steam's faster on the draw with bigger guns than Origin, or Gamestop, or uPlay. I'll only have one of these running at a time, thanks.

          Yeah. Everyone wants to make their socisl networking platform the darling. But they don't worky. It's a competition with one winner.

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        Are you stupid Cody, People like you are the reason why things like Origin exist, you are content with a stupid product of EA that collects your data and forces you to log in to play EA games,

        There is already STEAM.

          Couldnt have said it better myself.

        Yes I would rather pay money to play EA games on Steam than Origin.

        It totally makes sense.

      Why not just don't use it? Which is your only option as a consumer really. Vote with your dollars!

        Unfortunately im forced to use it to play BF3.

        It comes down to whether you want to play a game enough to put up with the hell that is Origin really doesn't it.
        I was no danger of missing out on BF3 because of Origin.

          Toleration with extreme prejudice.

    Yeah why pay money for a bad service. Why pay discounted money for a bad service. ..

    I really don't find the Origin service that bad.
    I guess it's a bit annoying that I can't have everything in the one place on Steam, but hey, that's life sometimes!

      What kind of insanity are you spouting?! How DARE YOU have a reasonable and considered opinion on Origin?! Haven't you heard?! OTHER PEOPLE HATE IT!

      As I've said repeatedly, I think Origin is a decent service. I've not had any problems with it, and I refuse to hate it just because other people claim they have. It works. That's good enough for me.

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        This x1000. Origin works perfectly well. People just don't like competition for their Gaben powered Steam boners. Also, it's cool to hate because, well, EA. I've used Steam for 5 or 6 years, and Origin since not long after it was launched, and I enjoy both for entirely different reasons. They both work excellently and happily co-exist on my PC just fine.

        God forbid there be an alternative to Steam, least of all an EA powered one.

          Yeah - my problem with EA is that it fragments my library without actually trying to compete with Steam in a meaningful way. They certainly aren't competing on cost, service or functionality. They basically brought 'exclusives' to within the platform.

            This. There's fucking zero benefit to me as a customer to play things through Origin that I should be able to play on Steam. It's a publisher-benefit-only and the fact that I'm forced to use it to get to otherwise high-quality content (BF3/ME3-multi) irks me every time I have to do it.

              I can't fault EA for wanting their own store, I mean Valve had the exact same idea which is why we ended up with Steam... and everyone hated Steam when it first came out, especially since WON got shut down to force multiplayer gaming onto Steam.

                I still hate Steam. And Origin.

            Yep that's all it really is. Steam was annoying at first because nobody wanted to have a separate program running just so they could play games. But then we got used to it and saw the benefits. The only real sin Origin commits is coming second, it adds nothing of value, it's just a second program running and fragmenting my library.

            Imagine a world where every publisher and big developer has their own separate service, each with their own friends lists and exclusive wallet funds etc. How annoying would that be - "Oh I want to play Elder Scrolls IX, better fire up the Zenimax Client, what was my password again, did I change it for this one or the Rockstar Client? Ooh, new Elder Scrolls DLC, oh I don't have enough ZeniBucks".

            This is already becoming a reality. It's probably in every big publishers financial interest to have a service like this if people will put up with it, but in most cases it's not in the gamers interest. Steam gave us a lot for the restrictions it put on us, the other services so far haven't done anything but been annoying.

          I know it's meant as insult to the fanboys but I love the concept of a Powered Steam Boner.

      When I have a game on Origin I add it as a non -steam game to Steam, just for the convenience of launching everything from the one place because my PC automatically loads up steam bpm.

      My limited use of Origin has been largely painless, I bought NFS Most Wanted on disc and it activated fine. I just find it annoying having to have another service open with its own updates and friends list. I'd rather just have it all on Steam.

    The only game on that list I don't have is Dragon Age Origins.


      Nice black books reference

        Fran: [surveying the contents of her shop] "I do sell a lot of wank, don't I?" - best quote ever.

        Sounds a lot like the Simcity situation right now too.

    I'm not going to buy for two reasons.

    1. It's not a saving if I don't want the junk on offer.
    2. I still have no plans to give EA a cent of my money.

    It's like a 'great' man once said, "There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again."

      You've misunderestimated the power of that quote.

    I'd drop $10 on ME3, although I'd rather have it on Steam alongside 1 and 2.

    i got like 2 emails from origin yesterday telling me i haven't paid for games that i paid for and finished a month ago (my order was canceled, yet nothings changed) all on the same day they had this sale and the CEO thing happened.

    origin has lost it, also, i am pissed kingdoms of amalur wasn't on the simcity mayors gift games list but Dead Space 3 was, kingdoms of amalur would have made a decent gift.

    I must say 10 bucks is mighty tempting for BF3.. But my issue is I don't want Origin for just one game :(

      That's the only reason I got origin. TBH? Worth it. BF3 is a great game.

      Then ME3 came out and I had to see how it ended. Wish it could've been on steam though.

      You pretty much will have to pay for Premiun though as well.

    I've been trying to give EA my money, but I keep on getting a failed transaction message. After talking to their live chat guy, it seems I have to call a 1900 number for $2.50/min to get them to fix my account so I can pay them for the advertised goods. Good job EA...

    I picked up Crysis 3 for $40ish, it's a pretty good price.

    I'm not buying them because I already have those games.

    FYI I'm not a big fan of Steam. All hail EA/Origin and Kim Jong Un and death to Steam.

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    They forgot the mention the hidden costs included in needing to buy the DLC to get an actual full game.

    origin and huge sale don't belong in thread title... there are however... some ok deals...

    BF3 for $10 is good... premium for another $25 (or $35 for both)

    Crysis 3 for $40 ain't bad (its still going for $35-38 on cd key sites - this is a safer way to buy)

    but overall... eh... its mainly older games and BF3 DLC that shouldn't be purchased individually

    I cant help but noticed, most of the games ea gave for free for the sim city thing, are also on sale here :\

      Yep, exactly what I was going to point out.

    This would almost, ALMOST be worth it for Australians, were it not for the fact that we're being scalped on Origin by about 50% in the first place. For example:

    Crysis 3: Normally $99.99 (!!!), now $49.99
    Sims 3: Normally $79.99 (despite being 4 years old), now $39.99

    This is all a bit rich coming from a company with NO OVERHEADS. It's EA selling EA's products direct to the consumer and we're still expected to pay about twice as much as the USA.

      The Australia tax is fucking ridiculous, and all well-informed Australians shouldn't pay it.

      Pity about the rest. :/

      you missed the standard version of Crysis 3 for $39.99... so same price as sims 3 lol

    The problem is that Origin is so slow and downloading these days that it seems pointless to buy anything from them.

    Yay I can buy a game which will download at less than 200 kb/s!

    I'd rather pay more to get it quickly. In fact often you could wait until the next day, go to a shop and buy it and you'd have it installed and running quicker.

    When it first started I always got a bit over 3mb/s download speeds. Which was great! It's unacceptable that it's now not even a tenth as fast and has been that way more at least 6 months,

    FYI inner city Melbourne with Optusnet cable.

      I'd be talking to Optus, my Origin downloads max out at 1.5mb/s which is the limit of my connection.

        Nah apparently it's a common Origin problem. It's always mentioned on forums people like me, with a bunch of different ISPs who now get crap Origin speeds.

    We are a bunch of very angry gamers and do not deal with terrorist, I mean EA... for now.

    You can tell how spolied I've been by steam sales when I read "Up to 50% off!" and think "What, and thats supposed to impress me?"

    You can buy games on Origin? I thought it was just an annoying background app used to log in to some games. One moment, let me check their range and prices.
    Hahahahahahahaha. No.

    Anyone spotted the mass effect 3 DLC on sale?

      lol after reading all the hate finally someone with the same idea as me.
      Mass Effect 3 DLC whats the news. Can't browse origin from where I am is filtered.

        I had a good look but couldn't find on origin. At bioware's site it's still full price.

        What's weird is even DLC for Dragon Age 1 and ME 2 is full price, those games have been out for YEARS!

        I guess only true fans are going to buy DLC, therefore you can charge full price for it.

          Does seem like Origin. Massive sale on Crap!!

          We have one thing that people want, but we wont put that on sale.

    Just for anyone reading the long list of comments that hate EA/Origin.

    The pricing in AU is equal to that of Ozgameshop and many like it, I can find 5 shops with a cheaper ME3 already than their 50% discount.

    I checked Crysis 3 as well since I wanted that and it's about the same 50 dollar range, not much of a sale really more of a convenience to get something digital instead of ordering hard copy from the UK (free delivery by the way)

    It wouldn't matter how cheap a game was on Origin, I am so tired of the endless bugs that origin has and then to open whatever game and find its packed with bugs as well. Cant wait for EA to go bust.

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